Top 10 Growth Marketing Agency Options in 2024

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    For many businesses today, traditional marketing agencies and traditional marketing strategies aren’t always enough. With more and more data available, businesses want to draw on this to improve their decision-making and promote faster growth. Traditional marketing agencies’ focus might be too narrow, the growth too slow, and their data capabilities too shallow.

    That’s why many businesses are turning to growth marketing agencies.

    Growth marketing agencies take a holistic approach to marketing, they’re data-driven and evaluate and grow your business through every point in the buyer’s decision-making process. They use various strategies across the customer journey to do this, from content marketing and SEO optimisation to A/B testing and growth sprints.

    A revenue graph showing month on month improvements up to £10.6 million. Next to it, is an offer for a free digital marketing audit.

    Why work with a growth marketing agency?

    The clue is in the name: they’re about growth — increasing revenue quickly. Growth marketing agencies don’t focus on one section of the sales and marketing funnel. Instead, they aim to provide value all the way through. Their goal is to fulfil your business’s long-term goals while creating growth strategies that will help you see results today.

    And unlike growth hacking agencies, growth marketing agencies understand that you can’t hack your way to success. You need to build scalable processes and consistent rhythms backed by the right skills. All while using constant critical thinking to be in a mode of continuous improvement.

    You know your business inside out, and you know what you want to achieve. So you need to make sure the agency you choose is the right fit for you so they can deliver for your business. When picking a growth marketing agency, you need to consider several things. What is their market experience? Do they have case studies demonstrating results? Have they worked with a business like yours before? Do they have the capacity and expertise to help you achieve your goals?

    When choosing which agency, compatibility is crucial. We need to look at several factors, from what industries they specialise in, to the outcomes they provide.

    To help, we’ve pulled together 10 of the best growth marketing agencies. This list isn’t exhaustive but is designed to get you started in your quest for the right agency.

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    Gripped's website homepage

    Founded in 2017, Gripped is a B2B growth marketing agency for SaaS and tech businesses. With decades of collective experience, Gripped helps their clients tackle their digital growth problems, providing a growth strategy and creative solutions to help them grow. 

    Like any good growth marketing agency, they’re all about data — but even more about results. While it may take months for other agencies to achieve tangible results, Gripped excels in 90-day growth plans. This enables businesses to see results quickly in pursuit of long-term goals, providing regular updates to keep clients in the loop on progress and priorities.

    Gripped are digital-first. They realise that inbound, content-driven strategies are vital to modern businesses, and any business looking to grow quickly. With expertise across sales and marketing, they help their clients gain a competitive edge with a comprehensive offering, including in content marketing, SEO, website management, lead generation and paid media (paid search and paid social). 

    Is Gripped a good fit?

    Gripped is a London-based agency that believes in robust transparency, and long-term partnerships that deliver sustainable growth. They are best suited to businesses in their growth stage with £1m+ in ARR looking to scale their go-to-market strategy. They also work with early mid-market organisations with £10. Case studies demonstrate how they have delivered millions in pipeline and revenue for their customers.

    If you’re a B2B, SaaS or technology business looking to grow, sign up for Gripped’s free growth audit today.

    Tuff Growth

    Tuff Growth's website homepage

    Despite only being around for six years, Tuff Growth’s expertise and smart strategies have helped them work with clients such as Joyn, Team Bootcamp, Xendoo, and more.

    Their small but experienced team is composed of big-picture strategists and channel experts who all work remotely from all around the world. They provide transparency to their clients every step of the way, with a sharp focus on revenue and results.

    To help their clients grow, Tuff Growth promises a rigorous five-step process: to learn, activate, analyze, optimize, and repeat. They do this via PPC, content strategies and email marketing.

    Is Tuff Growth a good fit?

    Tuff’s Growth’s expertise lies with eCommerce companies, B2B businesses and start-ups. One case study on their website shows how they helped an eCommerce customer increase conversion rates by 153%.

    They take a systematic approach to getting wins on new marketing channels through scaling opportunities, optimisations and finding new opportunities through data-driven analysis. 


    Ladder's website homepage

    Founded in 2014, Ladder take data-driven results really seriously: they use machine learning technology to inform the marketing decisions they take. They also prioritise their clients’ ROI, as one of their key goals is to create as much growth as possible with as little investment so clients can see the maximum effect for minimum spend.

    Implementing growth benchmarks to remove the guesswork and understand why sales conversions happen (or don’t), Ladder is focused on helping your business’ retention, conversion, traffic and engagement through PPC, CRO, SEO and growth hacking.

    Is Ladder a good fit?

    If you’re a larger business with a big budget, Ladder’s work with Facebook and Nestle should put you at ease that they have the capability to help you grow. Particularly if you’re an eCommerce business: In one case study, Ladder helped an eCommerce business increase their revenue by over 230%.

    But if you’re a start-up, too, Ladder can help you develop a marketing strategy from scratch. They’re looking to work with companies with similarly high thresholds for creativity, experimentation and iterative approaches.

    Growth Shop

    Growth Shop's website homepage

    Despite only being in business since 2019, Growth Shop has developed a reputation for achieving rapid results. In that time, they’ve generated $1 billion in growth, maintained a steady x3.3 ROI and helped scale seven $10 million companies. Not bad for a three-year-old company. They promise to delve deep into the data to ‘turn numbers into pictures.’ In other words, turn raw data into creative marketing strategies.

    The Growth Shop team can help you create a potent strategy to identify a specific target market, through four main methods: creating a strategy, executing that strategy, utilising proprietary technology and injecting smart capital. They specialise in funnel analysis, modeling and landing pages.

    Is Growth Shop a good fit?

    Growth Shop typically works with B2C customers, conducting an in-depth analysis of their funnel, undertaking growth sprints, optimisations and scaling. Not only that, they’ll guide you through the execution process, suggest what technological tools to use, and when to infuse capital.

    Orange Pegs

    Orange Peg's website homepage

    Since 2013, they’ve guided small businesses in various industries to take control of their growth goals. They provide this through a model that combines inbound marketing with growth hacking, yielding quick results through experimental and iterative processes. They provide this through a team with decades worth of marketing experience. 

    Orange Pegs believe in data-driven sales enablement, and developing effective inbound marketing, sales alignment and tech implementation strategies.

    Is Orange Pegs a good fit?

    If you’re comfortable with an experimental approach (grounded on accurate research, of course), Orange Pegs could be a good fit for you. Whether you’re in tech, a start-up, an enterprise business, B2B or professional services, Orange Pegs are open to working with any business of almost any size

    Across all their services, they’re focused on lead generation, technological enablement and fast experimentation, which takes place over two-week sprints. Testimonials across their site attest to the outcomes they provide, from building growth cultures to solidifying an online presence.

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    Swidia's website homepage

    By unlocking growth with cross-channel marketing and providing strategic advice on core growth, Swidia is all about scaling users for start-ups. Defining themselves as ‘equal parts art and science’, they are both creative and data-driven to help create an effective marketing strategy and grow your brand. Given their solid track record (they’ve worked with brands including Cameo and Hennessy), it’s surprising that they’ve only been around since 2018. 

    Within their user acquisition team, creative studio and growth advice, Swidia aim to grow brand awareness through services including paid search and social, performance creative testing and customer acquisition.

    Is Swidia a good fit?

    Swidia works primarily to scale consumer start-ups, consumer tech and eCommerce companies but also supports larger organisations, including marketing teams and professional service agencies with their growth. In their partnership with Hennessy, they averaged an engagement rate of over 5% — more than double the industry average.

    Whether you’re a funded start-up or a large brand, Swidia describes itself as agile and adaptive, ready to move and change with the speed of a start-up. 


    No Good's website homepage

    Don’t let the name fool you. Founded in New York City in 2016, NoGood’s full service team is composed of varied expertise, including growth leads, creatives and data analysts.

    NoGood is an all-in-one marketing service that provides assistance in social ads, performance branding, and marketing through any platform imaginable, whether it be via SMS, video, email, or social media channels.

    Creating big-picture, long-term strategies while digging into the data to develop solutions to meet business’ growth needs, NoGood provides services in PPC, social advertising, video and content marketing, amongst others.

    Is NoGood a good fit?

    Drawing on the eclectic expertise of their team, NoGood primarily helps growth organisations in the retail, healthcare and SaaS industries with further knowledge in B2B, eCommerce and crypto.

    Their case studies page shows them increasing organic traffic for one B2B SaaS company by over 800%. They’re also a TikTok creative partner, helping businesses gain market recognition and grow market share through the app.

    Top Growth Marketing

    Top Growth's website homepage

    Within 10 years in the industry, Top Growth Marketing has built a solid reputation. Their three-pronged approach covers growth frameworks, managed media and creative strategies to help your product get seen by the right people, appear on various digital marketing channels and scale your business with a bespoke creative strategy.

    A Facebook Business Partner, they’ve also partnered with other online and social media juggernauts like Google and Shopify.

    Top Growth Marketing has a specialism in paid ads, including SEM, social, display and shopping ads, as well as innovative digital marketing strategies. They focus on social ads, search ads, Shopify marketing and email marketing. 

    Is Top Growth Marketing a good fit?

    If you’re looking for performance and analytics-driven paid ad campaigns and strategies, particularly on social media, Top Growth Marketing could be a nice fit. According to one case study, they increased profitable ad spend by over 200% in a paid advertising campaign.

    With a focus on media buying, Facebook, Twitter, Adword and Pinterest ads, their social media expertise would suit businesses looking to build their brand through social media channels — and who want their ad spend to be analytics-driven, down to the last penny.

    Veza Digital

    Veza Digital's website homepage

    Founded in Toronto in 2019 in three short years, Veza Digital has since expanded to New York City and Belgrade. 

    With expertise in web services, Veza provides its clients with creative design using No code. With a self-described ‘laser-focused team’, they look to rapidly implement their clients’ marketing strategies and then measure everything to see what works, what didn’t and why.  

    Alongside their web services, Veza offers both inbound and outbound marketing services from SEO, including for SaaS businesses, PPC and Facebook, Google and TikTok Ads.

    Is Veza Digital a good fit?

    Growth marketing is one part of Veza Digital’s comprehensive service offering. Depending on your business’ requirements and your short and long-term goals, you might opt for an agency whose primary focus is growth marketing instead.

    However, with a 98% project success rate and an average ROI of 173%, Veza Digital might have something for you — particularly if you need additional web services.


    EmberTribe's website homepage

    EmberTribe prides themselves on an experimental, uncommon approach. Founded in North Carolina in 2015, their whole team works remotely, allowing them to draw talent from all around the globe to help their clients with their goals.

    Promising to analyse your business today and create a unique growth system to match your goals, EmberTribe seeks to drive traffic through paid acquisition, SEO and content marketing. Offering a myriad of services, including SEO, content marketing, and digital ad placements, EmberTribe use Smart Testing to figure out exactly what’s working for your business and what’s not.

    Is EmberTribe a Good Fit for You?

    EmberTribe has several customizable packages, depending on your needs. This is great news for startups with a limited budget or for larger businesses looking to take advantage of their comprehensive range of services. The huge range of services might seem overwhelming, particularly if you’re looking for a laser-like focus on growth in particular areas. According to one case study, within three weeks of implementing their strategy, Embertribe had decreased their client’s cost-per-lead by 57%.

    But this range of services can also provide you with unique marketing strategies, for example through their video package, which provides content from ‘unboxing’ to lifestyle videos, helping drive brand recognition and traffic to your website.

    Choosing the right growth marketing agency for you

    To choose the right growth marketing agency, you need to understand what it is you need. Whether you’re just looking for quick wins, a focus on content marketing or a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, the benefits (and the ROI) of choosing the right agency that aligns with your needs can be huge.

    The right agency can apply their expertise across all your desired marketing channels through all stages of the funnel. This will help you acquire and convert more leads, reach goals and achieve faster business growth. Take your time, do your research, and talk to the companies you’re considering to get a good understanding of how they can help you. 

    Based in London, Gripped is a B2B growth marketing agency helping B2B SaaS and tech companies achieve their goals, short- and long-term. If you’re looking for support with marketing efforts that drive growth, get in touch with us today.

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    Growth Marketing Agency FAQs

    What should I look for in a growth marketing agency as a SaaS company?

    When selecting a growth marketing agency for your SaaS business, prioritise those with proven experience in the software-as-a-service sector. Look for agencies that demonstrate a deep understanding of the SaaS business model, customer lifecycle, and have a track record of scaling SaaS platforms. Evaluate their expertise in performance marketing, content strategy, SEO, and conversion rate optimisation. Furthermore, consider their familiarity with SaaS metrics such as MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), churn rate, and customer acquisition cost (CAC).

    How can a growth marketing agency enhance my SaaS product's market presence?

    A competent growth marketing agency can significantly enhance your SaaS product's market presence by employing data-driven marketing strategies tailored to your specific business goals. They should leverage a mix of inbound marketing, content marketing, performance advertising, and SEO to attract, engage, and convert your target audience. Moreover, they should focus on optimising the customer journey to improve user acquisition, retention, and lifetime value.

    What metrics should a growth marketing agency focus on to drive success for a SaaS business?

    For a SaaS business, key metrics that a growth marketing agency should focus on include Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), churn rate, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Lead Conversion Rate, and the Funnel Drop-off Rate. These metrics are crucial for understanding the health of your business, optimising marketing strategies, and ensuring sustainable growth.

    How do I evaluate the success of a growth marketing agency's strategies for my SaaS business?

    To evaluate the success of a growth marketing agency's strategies, regularly review comprehensive reports and analytics that detail key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, lead generation, conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, and overall ROI. It's also important to assess qualitative factors such as customer satisfaction, market positioning, and brand awareness. Ensure that the agency's efforts align with your business objectives and contribute to long-term growth.

    Can a growth marketing agency help with scaling my SaaS business internationally?

    Yes, an experienced growth marketing agency can play a pivotal role in scaling your SaaS business internationally. Look for agencies with global marketing experience and an understanding of local markets. They should offer strategies for international SEO, localised content marketing, cross-border advertising campaigns, and cultural adaptation of your marketing messages. The right agency will help you navigate the complexities of international expansion while maintaining a strong brand presence across different regions.