Top 10 Product Led Growth Agencies in 2024

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    Product led growth. It might still be in its infancy as a marketing strategy, but it’s also scored some big results. Product-led companies are more than twice as likely to be growing quickly compared with traditional sales-led companies.1 Just look at SaaS companies like Slack, Dropbox and AirTable. They’re members of the product led growth (PLG) club, and they’re not doing too bad.

    But getting product-led growth right can be hard. It’s a topic we cover in more detail in our blog on implementing a product-led growth strategy.

    So to help you navigate PLG, you’ll want to turn to expert help. That’s why we’ve put together a list of PLG agencies offering their services, resources and consultancy to help businesses start implementing product-led growth tactics and/or switch entirely to a PLG model. 

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    Gripped are a B2B, SaaS digital marketing agency suited to help businesses who are yet to fully embark on a PLG journey, though with the expertise to help at any stage. Our experience helps customers implement PLG elements includes:

    • Freemium models: Gripped have helped SaaS companies implement free trials and freemium models to let the customer try out the product and learn what it does before committing to an upgrade or subscription.
    • A product and customer experience-first approach: PLG companies let the product do the talking rather than try to explain everything before the customer even looks at the product — and the customer gets to experience it first hand, self-onboarding, learning how to use the product and upgrade by themselves within the platform.
    • Web-to-product adoption: Expertise in allowing customers to use the product directly from the business’ website. This gets users into the product quickly and easily, helps optimise conversion and track user behaviour across their journey.
    • Upselling within the product: With PLG, the product is its own customer acquisition tool, and you can embed sales, customer service or further marketing functions in it to make the most of this.

    Gripped have helped a range of B2B SaaS businesses with PLG marketing elements, with expertise primarily in the Activation stage of the ‘pirate metrics’ framework — this means we help make sure your site and product encourages users to take a desired and measure it.2 They work with companies at this stage because it helps to increase conversions. After all, visits to your website aren’t enough to drive growth but by helping visitors ‘activate’ within the product, the product itself becomes responsible for business growth.

    You can get a free growth audit from Gripped for an assessment on how your marketing performance, and how PLG tactics could help. 

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    Digital BIAS

    Digital BIAS are a marketing agency offering PLG consultancy services to help SaaS leaders convert to a PLG strategy.

    Digital BIAS aim to make users activate, adopt, adore, and advocate within the product, offering businesses a product-led strategy that works primarily through onboarding. Digital BIAS simplify their PLG strategy into 4 main pillars:

    • Marketing onboarding
    • Platform onboarding
    • Value onboarding
    • Peer-led onboarding

    By providing PLG tactics through onboarding, Digital BIAS maximise many opportunities for growth you get at the top of the marketing funnel. They aim to combine a PLG strategy at onboarding with inbound marketing to get the right traffic directed towards a wide-open platform, helping businesses achieve higher conversions and quicker time-to-value/revenue.

    M&C Saatchi Performance

    M&C Saatchi Performance are a ‘performance marketing agency’ offering PLG services, specifically:

    • App store optimisation: Aiming to provide businesses with more visibility and help to increase conversion rates through both organic and paid activity. 
    • Customer lifetime value analysis: By providing CLV analysis, this frees up businesses to focus their efforts on the customers with the best ROI, speeding up the time-to-value and reducing overall spend.
    • User onboarding optimisation: Help businesses improve data capture processes to provide a clearer picture of onboarding pain points, optimising onboarding flow and increasing conversion.
    • Customer journey mapping: Refining the customer journey with creative campaigns and technical element testing, improving the experience and ensuring businesses’ most popular features are in the spotlight.

    M&C Saatchi Performance places a greater emphasis on the acquisition and activation side of the pirate metrics: optimising your app store presence and the user onboarding experience helps with acquisition, for example. Overall, they promote an attitude that long-term business health is the goal over quick wins. 


    ProductLed offers a slightly different approach to the marketing strategy consultant route. They’re a PLG community that offers a place for PLG enthusiasts, and those with experience using the model, to share their knowledge and learn from each other.

    They offer a range of courses and resources aimed at helping you grow:

    • A certification in PLG fundamentals
    • Four weeks on Acquisition with the ProductLed Acquisition course
    • Which can be combined with the ProductLed Accelerator course
    • And coaching where businesses get paired with a PLG coach

    Beyond this, they also have a weekly newsletter on the best tactics and strategies from the ‘world’s fastest growing product-led companies’ as well as giving you access to their eBooks on how to succeed with PLG. 

    ProductLed focuses on education instead of consultancy, providing content for you to apply rather than tailored consultancy, so it might not be right for everyone but is a great (and cheap) entry point to the world of PLG.


    A ‘growth hacking agency’ offering services in PLG, GrowthRocks specialises in the acquisition, activation and retention. They cater to B2B and B2C businesses, setting out their approach as:

    • Identifying the target persona
    • Creating a seamless onboarding process
    • Shaping the principles of a customer success manifesto
    • Incorporating an effective pricing structure
    • Shaping a great FTE (First Time Experience)
    • Calculating the NPS and accounting for customers’ feedback

    They refer to PLG strategies as the ‘real activation channel’ and cover a lot of ground when it comes to getting up and running, making them a good fit for those who have only just heard about PLG strategy and want to find out more.


    Whistle is an SDR agency that helps you identify and support the right corporate customers to guide you through your sales process. They work with SaaS companies using a PLG model or utilising PLG elements within their marketing strategy to increase the conversion from freemium to premium accounts.

    They have a five-stage process:

    • Identify: Figure out when your customers are most satisfied so you know when to upsell effectively
    • Implement: The right sales process to create high levels of conversion
    • Develop: The best strategy for you to nurture customers and build loyalty
    • Assess: The existing market to find ways to perfect your approach
    • Evaluate: Data from this process to strategize on future campaigns

    They stay focused on the Activation and Retention stages, which means they’re probably a good fit for SaaS and B2C companies who want to expand their area of effectiveness. Whistle can help these companies to identify B2B opportunities and convert existing users from freemium to higher-tiered packages or plans.


    Gro.Team provides PLG marketing strategy services by assigning a PLG expert to your business. They work with the C-Suite to evaluate and execute a PLG approach best suited to you and what your goals are. Their process follows:

    • Spend time with your business: Spending a few days working with the CEO or CMO to determine whether a PLG approach will work
    • Create a plan: Work with your business to create and communicate how the PLG approach will be implemented
    • Daily standups: Remote or on-site, they run daily meetings with their clients to stay in close contact and help accelerate the PLG flywheel.

    Gro.Team typically suggest PLG tactics as part of a wider marketing strategy, implementing the right ones in the right place for your business and have worked with businesses implementing PLG initiatives in 11 countries. 


    Growth mentor offers product-led growth consultancy through a mentorship program for marketers. They aim to provide a cost-effective solution for businesses, founders and marketers who want to move to a PLG strategy — based on a 1-on-1 consultancy model that lets them work closely with your team.

    Seeks to help marketers figure out answers to hot topics such as:

    • Free trial vs. Freemium
    • Pricing strategy and a deciding plans’ layout
    • Creating PLG ‘loops’

    If you’re starting the PLG transition and want to skip the trial-and-error of doing it yourself, GrowthMentor can provide advice on how you can implement PLG initiatives in your business.

    Product-Led Growth Hub 

    Product-Led Growth Hub lends itself to the educational side of PLG — even offering a curriculum for you to download. The curriculum covers quite a lot, with options to specialise in what you’re most interested in, including:

    • Courses on how to become a certified Product Manager or Product Leader, with a lot of management training content available
    • Requesting a tailored training path for your business needs.
    • Resources, information and events that aim to help individuals and businesses ‘adopt a product mindset’. 

    While they do offer certifications in Product Management and Product Leadership, they might not be the best fit if you want to go beyond learning about the basic principles. If you’re looking for a dedicated consultant, as an agency can provide, you might find more success with others on this list.

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    ​​The User Story

    A research, user development and product design agency that aims to help improve digital products — including through PLG strategies. They use a 25-point strategic framework to build a strategy that aligns with your objectives and creates initiatives to help you achieve them. 

    This includes elements such as: 

    • Building a research programme into your product so your decision making becomes more focused on elevating customer understanding
    • A comprehensive design-and-test approach to building a UI
    • Implementing behavioural usability research so you can start asking the right questions, begin understanding your customers in a whole new way, and improve your overall product experience

    The User Story helps with building digital products and improving your customer experiences, two elements important to creating a successful PLG strategy.

    Find the PLG agency to enhance your marketing strategy

    To make sure product led growth is implemented in the right way for your business, you’ll need to work with the agency best suited to you. That means they need the right skills and experience to match your PLG needs.

    At Gripped, we provide you with a range of PLG tactics and strategies, working with you to figure out exactly what’s right for your growth model and help you embrace the product led way of life. We can help if you’re at the start of your journey and are beginning to understand and use PLG tactics, or if you’ve been aware of PLG for a while and are ready to make the switch from a sales-led to a fully PLG-based strategy. 

    Most importantly, we help B2B SaaS businesses activate users in their product — signing up for a freemium product or free trial, filling out a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter, watching a product demo — and ultimately using the product. We can help you get to grips and join the PLG club, whether you’re new to the PLG game or already an experienced player.

    To see how we can help, get a free growth audit today.

    1 Product-Led Growth: What It Is and Why It’s Here to Stay

    2 AARRR Pirate Metrics Framework: What It Is & How It Works

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