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Increase Email Conversion: A Guide for B2B Marketers

By Steve Eveleigh | February 12, 2018

Using Segmentation to Increase Email Conversion Rates Rumors of email’s impending doom are grossly exaggerated. Regardless of how many claims are made that email will soon die out and be replaced by other platforms, the reality is that our inboxes still get flooded with emails every day. New social media…


How to Align Sales and Marketing Teams

By Steve Eveleigh | January 31, 2018

Is your sales and marketing relationship broken? So you’re a marketer, and it’s tough meeting the expectations of your sales team. Or you’re a salesperson, and you’re struggling to understand why marketing keeps misfiring. Firstly, don’t worry it’s not a unique situation – it’s standard and its the primary reason…

Why Managing Social Media isn’t Working for Your Business

Why Managing Social Media isn’t Working for Your Business

By Ben Crouch | January 11, 2018

A guide to how we’re managing social media here at Gripped HQ, including the tips and tricks we use to save us time and make our posts work harder for us. Having a presence on all the major social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is a well-trodden path for…


B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2018

By Steve Eveleigh | January 9, 2018

Cracking the B2B Lead Generation Conundrum B2B lead generation is becoming increasingly difficult; a common story I hear from B2B marketers is that it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to drive lead generation at the needed quality and scale to support their sales teams targets. The very fact that this is…

Hamilton Write Like You're Running Out Of Time

Like Hamilton, you should write like you’re running out of time

By Ben Crouch | December 29, 2017

Last night I was lucky enough to see Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Hamilton’ at the Victoria Palace Theatre. I was fortunate for many reasons. One, because my wife had heard the Broadway smash-hit, had made its way to London. Two, she managed to secure tickets (it’s crazily oversubscribed) and three, I loved…


Why GDPR Is An Opportunity for B2B Marketers

By Steve Eveleigh | December 28, 2017

GDPR B2B Marketing: Build a Permission Based Marketing Strategy Turns a Challenge into an Opportunity With the start of the new year rapidly approaching, the atmosphere is filled with optimism and new opportunities. However, while everyone else makes their lists of new year’s resolutions, many marketers are most likely contemplating…

B2B Marketing Trends 2018

7 B2B Marketing Trends for 2018

By Steve Eveleigh | December 28, 2017

As 2017 disappears into the aether, and we look forward to the new year here at Gripped, we’re looking at the future trends in 2018 B2B Inbound Marketing. So without ceremony lets dig in. 1. GDPR is an opportunity, not a challenge Throughout 2017 we’ve been asked about GDPR, it’s…

What is Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

By Ben Crouch | December 21, 2017

Maybe you’ve stumbled across this article because you’re thinking about implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy and want to learn more. Maybe you haven’t got a clue what an Inbound strategy is but know you want to drive more leads to your business. Maybe you’ve aced your Inbound strategy and just…


Gripped: 3-3

By Ben Crouch | December 17, 2017

As most people start ramping down for the festive period, things over at Gripped HQ seem to be trending in the other direction. Let’s start with Gripped HQ itself. Technically there isn’t one yet, Steve and I have been working a reasonably nomadic life for the past three weeks, spending…


Week 2 Update: Learning, New Customers, Growth in a Flat Economy and Stealing Other People’s Lunch

By Steve Eveleigh | December 11, 2017

Week two of Gripped arrived and went and with it came a new customer, eight additional new business sessions, a raft of leads and referrals from former colleagues and friends. It’s been an education. Firstly, I’m incredibly excited about the new customers who have chosen to partner with us. They…

B2B Buyer Personas

Why B2B Buyer Personas are Important to Your Business

By Steve Eveleigh | December 10, 2017

Do you use B2B buyer personas in the marketing strategy for your B2B business? Why are buyer personas so important to B2B businesses? While many B2B companies do, there are some that haven’t caught on yet. There can be a misconception that buyer personas are tools that work well in…

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One Week In and This Is What I’ve Learned

By Ben Crouch | December 4, 2017

Last Monday my Co-Founder and I started what already feels like is going to be a long (and exciting) journey. We launched Gripped, an inbound marketing agency for B2B SaaS businesses. We first talked about the idea itself about ten years ago and it’s been in the making ever since. Steve…


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