Website design that delivers leads. Put your website at the centre of your growth strategy.

From ideation to planning, design to build, bring your user journey to life with a conversion-ready website.

Gripped builds highly effective, beautifully design custom WordPress websites that deliver on their promise.

Conversion Optimised Websites

Your website should be friction-free, fast, responsive and convert leads.


A Gripped, conversion-ready website might just be the last site you ever build. We'll ensure it's a web platform that adapts and changes as your business does.

Your new site will be structured to deliver a persona focussed proposition. It'll guide your visitors through a clear journey with compelling Calls-To-Action that work. You'll receive more visitors, increase conversions and benefit from on-going updates, A/B tests and improvements to ensure your website works now and in the future.

  • Create Market presence
  • Deliver better-qualified leads
  • Build trust with prospects
  • Punch above its weight


Digital sales and marketing starts here.

Turn your website from out of date brochure into your best sales person.

Beautiful adaptable design

Function and form are critical to web success. We combine beautiful design and a compelling journey for your website visitors.

Gripped's approach to website development mirrors that of an agile product development methodology, in that we never consider a site-finished, it is constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of your prospects.

Our ongoing proactive management & development of the site means you don't need to worry about internal resources becoming a bottleneck that stifle growth.

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The right tools for the job

The right tools for the job

We use only the best tools, WordPress to HubSpot, Google Analytics to BeaverBuilder to deliver a site that just works.

We want to balance the ability to build a market-leading presence with the ability for marketing to be self-sufficient and enable rapid iteration of the site layout, journeys, content and performance.

How we work

Step 1: Foundations

We'll get to know your business and to do that we need to spend some quality time together. We'll get to know what's working well and what isn't. We'll then get into your goals and ambitions for your new website.

Step 2: Approach

Armed with your requirements we'll do deep dive analysis in your current site, we'll establish personas and deliver our thoughts on the best approaches to design, user journey and the tech stack required.

Step 3: Design & Build

We'll build out lo-fi designs to map the user journey, high fidelity designs to test the UI. Then we'll build out your page templates and site structure. Populating content and finalising the build.

Step 4: Test & Snag

We make sure we test your site across browsers and devices to ensure that every visitor has a slick experience. We'll make sure everything works and work through snags as we aim for go-live.

Step 5: Go-Live

When launch day comes around we'll have everything ready and in place. We always ensure to limit downtime, but if any issues do occur we've got the team online to fix problems and respond rapidly.

Step 6: Ongoing Dev

We'll make sure you're continually optimised. Websites should never stay still. We continue to deliver new content, functionality and SEO to ensure that your site gets found by your target audience.

How to Budget for Your Next Website Redesign CTA

How much does it cost to build a website?

Let's keep things simple and get the difficult conversation out of the way.

Gripped can help redesign and build your site if you have a budget of over £10,000. For more complex requirements or sites, projects can range from £24,000 to £65,000. Keep in mind there are variables that affect the price.

B2B companies change for the better with Gripped.

"Our new website gives us a presence we can be proud of and finally we know that marketing is contributing towards our growing revenue."


Troy Platts

CEO, Nexstor

From strategy to execution Gripped deliver. Our visit-to-lead ratio improved to 12:1. Really. Take a moment to think about that... We had to take on a whole new sales team to deal with the volume.


Martin Coles

VP Marketing, IPV

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