Top 10 B2B Demand Generation Agency Choices in 2024

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    In the competitive world of B2B marketing, choosing the right demand generation agency can help align sales and marketing teams and significantly boost your business growth. This list comprises ten leading agencies for SaaS and tech companies in the UK, aiming to generate high-quality leads and reduce sales cycles.

    1. Gripped

    Gripped's website homepage

    Gripped is a B2B digital marketing agency specialising in demand generation services. If you’re operating in the B2B tech or SaaS industry, Gripped has extensive experience in creating, capturing and converting demand that drives long term revenue growth.

    Gripped’s suite of services spans:

    • Demand generation strategy
    • Content
    • SEO
    • Earned social
    • Paid social
    • Paid search
    • Websites
    • MarTech  

    Working to agile roadmaps, Gripped’s customers aren’t locked into strict scopes of work, which enables flexibility in your B2B demand generation efforts month on month.

    Demand gen that drives sales, not just traffic

    We don’t believe in vanity metrics, we focus on the metrics that matter: sales conversations, pipeline and revenue. Book a free growth audit today and see how we would drive yours.

    2. Dapper Agency

    Screenshot of Dapper Agency's website homepage

    Next up, Dapper Agency provides a unique take on B2B demand generation tactics, making it an ideal choice for start-ups and tech-focused businesses. The team uses artificial intelligence to ensure your products and services reach the right audience, thus streamlining sales cycles. With a customer-centric approach to campaign planning, Dapper Agency has made a name in the industry.

    A revenue graph showing month on month improvements up to £10.6 million. Next to it, is an offer for a free digital marketing audit.

    3. Inbox Insight

    Screenshot of Inbox Insight's website homepage

    Inbox Insight has carved a niche for itself as a top demand generation agency catering to B2B companies, particularly in the IT and tech fields. Their expertise in content marketing is noteworthy. The agency prides itself on crafting and executing stellar demand-generating campaigns that gel perfectly with your business goals.

    4. Ironpaper

    Screenshot of Ironpaper's website homepage

    Ironpaper focuses on digital and inbound marketing, perfect for tech and SaaS businesses. They offer tailored ABM services, lead nurturing, and demand generation services. The team works towards driving customer acquisition and growth, ensuring brand consistency and effective market communication.

    Screenshot of Powered By Search's website homepage

    With a result-oriented approach, Powered by Search offers tailored demand generation programs. The agency works closely with B2B companies, providing a comprehensive suite of services, including SEO, PPC, and marketing automation. Their all-round approach ensures your message resonates with the right audience at the right time.

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    6. Transmission Agency

    Screenshot of Transmission Agency's website homepage

    Transmission Agency boasts a unique approach to demand generation, blending strategic content marketing and data-driven ABM. The agency specialises in the tech industry and offers services that seamlessly unify sales teams and marketing efforts. This results in amplified lead generation and overall business growth.

    7. First Page Sage

    Screenshot of First Page Seen's website homepage

    First Page Sage offers a fantastic blend of SEO and content marketing services. This makes it an excellent choice for tech and SaaS businesses looking to elevate their demand generation strategy. Their services are oriented towards generating qualified leads and promoting long-term business growth, creating content that attracts and retains potential customers.

    8. Pearl Lemon Leads

    Screenshot of Pearl Lemon Leads' website homepage

    Pearl Lemon Leads extends beyond industry standards by providing lead generation services that yield high-quality leads for B2B companies across various sectors. The expert team combines traditional demand generation strategies with digital tactics to achieve maximum results. The agency’s innovative approach to lead nurturing sets them apart from their peers.

    9. The Marketing Practice

    Screenshot of The Marketing Practice's website homepage

    Emphasising customer relationships and long-term growth strategies, The Marketing Practice offers a comprehensive suite of services, including ABM, lead nurturing, and demand generation. Their customised approach ensures businesses communicate effectively with their target audience, leading to highly qualified leads. It’s a top choice for tech B2B companies.

    10. Square 2 Marketing

    Screenshot of Square 2 Marketing's website homepage

    Rounding up the list, Square 2 Marketing comes with a proven track record in driving demand for tech-focused businesses. They offer full-funnel inbound marketing services, including demand generation, marketing automation, and ABM. Their streamlined approach fosters a harmonised sales and marketing dynamic driving meaningful lead generation.

    In summary

    To conclude, these leading agencies offer a compelling suite of services to match the dynamic needs of your business. Whether you’re a burgeoning start-up or an established tech giant, there’s an agency tailored to your demand generation needs.

    If you’re looking for a place to start, why not book a free B2B growth audit for actionable advice on how to scale demand generation?

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    B2B Demand Generation Agency FAQs

    What is a B2B demand generation agency, and how can it benefit my business?

    A B2B demand generation agency specialises in creating and nurturing interest in your products or services amongst other businesses. Through targeted marketing strategies and campaigns, these agencies aim to increase brand awareness, generate qualified leads, and ultimately drive sales. Demand Generation Agencies focus on the quality of leads over quantity, and by leveraging their expertise you can increase your return on investment compared to agencies carrying out traditional lead generation strategies.

    How do I choose the right B2B demand generation agency for my business?

    Selecting the right agency involves evaluating their experience, expertise, and track record in your specific industry. Consider agencies that demonstrate a clear understanding of your business goals and target audience. It's also crucial to assess their marketing technology stack, services offered, and case studies or testimonials from past clients. Establishing a good rapport and clear communication lines is essential for a successful partnership.

    What should I expect from a B2B demand generation agency?

    Expect a demand generation agency to conduct an in-depth analysis of your current marketing efforts and target market. They should offer a strategic plan that includes a mix of inbound and outbound marketing tactics tailored to your business needs. Services may encompass content marketing, email campaigns, SEO, PPC advertising, social media management, and lead nurturing programmes. The agency should also provide regular reports and analytics to measure campaign performance and ROI. The demand generation agency should have an appetite for working closely with sales and aligning around revenue-focused KPIs.

    How does a B2B demand generation agency measure success?

    Success metrics vary depending on your specific goals but typically include an increase in lead quantity and quality, conversion rates, pipeline created, closed won revenue and customer acquisition cost. An effective agency will use data analytics to track these metrics and adjust strategies accordingly. They should also align with your business objectives, such as revenue growth, market expansion, or enhancing brand reputation, and demonstrate how their efforts contribute to these outcomes.

    What is the typical investment for hiring a B2B demand generation agency, and how is it structured?

    The investment can vary widely depending on the agency's size, reputation, and the scope of services required. Some agencies charge a flat monthly retainer, while others may offer pricing based on specific projects or performance-based models. It's important to discuss pricing structures upfront and ensure transparency about what is included in the fee. Also, inquire about any long-term commitments or flexibility to scale services according to your business needs. A loose guide is a monthly agency fee of £7,500 or above, plus paid media spend. The agency fee typically increases based on the size of the engagement.