How we work

We operate with the agility & impact of elite in-house teams

Growing a B2B tech business is challenging. Gripped is your ally on the journey, taking ownership to solve your growth puzzle. We craft valuable digital experiences using data, expertise, content, martech, and swift iterations for tangible results.

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We’ve built the team. A group of highly motivated, critical thinkers, SaaS and tech experienced, revenue centric digital marketing specialists.

Working with pace, direction and precision

We like to think of ourselves as more than just an agency. Our customers count on us to support with some of their most important growth decisions. And this is how we work.



Our work turns plans into reality. We swiftly turn plans into action, always tackling your intricate growth puzzle.



We constantly refine our methods and share insights with your team in an ever-evolving landscape.

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You’re on a journey. Your business will look very different in three months, let alone twelve. Our role in your business adapts to meet those challenges.

Data Driven


Data is at the heart of what we do. We test, experiment and surface data for better decisions and transparency. We don’t take action unless it’s measurable.

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Our B2B tech and SaaS sector expertise means we can draw on experience from across the team to find the right routes to grow your business.



Tech is in our DNA. We use Slack, Google Docs, Airtable and Zoom to communicate and collaborate with our customers.



We don’t bill by the hour, we make everything we do easy to access and pay for.


Here’s how we work

We begin by grasping your goals and audience. As your business stage matures, so does our approach, catering to both established teams and market newcomers.

Based on your situation we’ll be:


Tech market experts for guidance and direction


Expert hands completing critical digital tasks


The driving force behind your GTM strategy


Specialists working with your marketing team


Agile and responsive

We craft a growth playbook centred on your target audience, setting 90-day objectives executed in three 30-day sprints. Each sprint builds upon the last, steadily enhancing your market presence using data and expertise.

Bi-weekly, we update you on progress, and monthly, we analyse performance data, refining our strategy for the upcoming 90 days.

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