Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Agencies in 2024

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    Looking for powerful ways to attract customers? LinkedIn is a game-changing tool for B2B companies in 2024. It’s a fantastic place for businesses to connect with their target audience, get their name out there, and boost their customer base.

    Whether your business offers a product or a service, LinkedIn can be your secret weapon for business growth. Many businesses are missing out because they aren’t using LinkedIn to its full potential. That’s where LinkedIn marketing agencies come in. Here are the top 10 agencies that stand out for their innovative B2B marketing to LinkedIn users.

    1. Gripped

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    Gripped stands out as a top B2B LinkedIn lead generation agency choice. They’ve carved out a niche in guiding SaaS and tech companies through their marketing challenges using LinkedIn as a primary channel due to it’s superior targeting capabilities. Their proficient team offers a broad range of services, including LinkedIn campaign manager account audits, full-funnel, lead generation and ABM campaigns, and they provide sales intelligence from the insights LinkedIn provides.

    Gripped’s team look past the metrics within LinkedIn’s platform, and optimise campaigns for the metrics that matter — what’s driving sales conversations, pipeline and revenue. Book a growth audit today to see how we’d solve your most painful marketing challenges.

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    2. WebFX

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    WebFX has made a name for itself in the digital marketing industry with its expertise in LinkedIn marketing. They offer a full suite of LinkedIn marketing services, going beyond creating a LinkedIn page for their clients. They also offer sponsored content services that help businesses enhance their brand visibility and generate more leads. Their dedicated team develops custom strategies to meet every client’s unique needs, making them a top choice for B2B LinkedIn marketing.

    3. Disruptive Advertising

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    Disruptive Advertising stands out for their innovative and strategic approach to LinkedIn marketing. Their services range from LinkedIn profile management to setting up and running well-targeted ad campaigns. They understand the importance of having a robust LinkedIn strategy for lead generation, so they strive to create a system that attracts quality leads to help grow your business.

    4. SocialB

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    SocialB is a versatile agency that uses LinkedIn’s wide range of features to deliver impactful results for businesses. They excel in services ranging from profile optimisation and strategy development to lead generation and more. Their team of experts creates effective strategies aimed at increasing brand awareness and driving quality traffic, helping businesses connect with potential customers in a meaningful way.

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    5. Power Marketing International

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    Power Marketing International is a well-rounded LinkedIn marketing agency that offers a variety of services to help businesses market on LinkedIn effectively. They craft winning strategies for businesses and manage ad campaigns to maximise audience engagement, making them a reliable partner for your LinkedIn marketing needs.


    Screenshot of's website

    Specialising in growth marketing for B2B businesses, provides a holistic LinkedIn marketing service. They create targeted ad campaigns and effective outreach strategies to maximise reach and generate high-quality leads. Their innovative approach has helped many B2B companies achieve substantial growth via LinkedIn.

    7. Ignite Visibility

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    Ignite Visibility is a top-rated marketing agency that offers comprehensive LinkedIn marketing services. They focus on increasing brand visibility and lead generation by optimising LinkedIn profiles, managing ad campaigns, and developing impactful outreach strategies. Their team of experts employ an interactive approach to help businesses reach and connect with their target audience on LinkedIn.

    8. B2Linked

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    B2Linked is an agency that’s completely dedicated to advertising on LinkedIn, equipping businesses to reach decision-makers and key influencers directly. With a team of certified LinkedIn marketing professionals, they offer a wealth of services including account management, LinkedIn ad creation, and campaign tuning. They’re known for their strategic approach to LinkedIn advertising, crafting campaigns that are completely tailored to the needs of B2B businesses. Their proven track record of driving lead generation makes them a formidable partner for your LinkedIn marketing needs.

    Screenshot of Lead Cookie's website

    Focusing solely on lead generation, Lead Cookie helps B2B businesses utilise LinkedIn to its fullest potential. They manage LinkedIn profiles, perform outreach, and generate leads that align with your business goals. Their strategic approach and focus on results have made them a go-to agency for businesses looking to generate leads organically.

    10. Brafton

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    Brafton adopts a comprehensive approach to LinkedIn marketing, offering a suite of services including profile optimisation, ad management, and content creation. They focus on driving traffic and generating quality leads for B2B businesses. Their team of experts is dedicated to creating innovative strategies that help businesses reach their target audience effectively.


    To boost your brand’s presence and connect effectively with the right people, it’s essential to enlist the help of a proficient B2B LinkedIn marketing agency. These agencies offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and maximise return on investment. By choosing the right agency, LinkedIn can transform from a static social media platform into a dynamic tool that fuels your business growth.

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    B2B LinkedIn Marketing Agency FAQs

    Why should a B2B company use a LinkedIn marketing agency?

    A B2B LinkedIn marketing agency has the skills and experience to make the most of LinkedIn's tools and features. They know how to create strategies that can help your B2B business attract the right audience, increase brand awareness, and generate leads that can convert into sales.

    How can a B2B LinkedIn lead generation agency help my business grow?

    A B2B LinkedIn lead generation agency can help your business connect with potential customers on LinkedIn. They use tactics such as LinkedIn profile optimization, compelling ads, targeted outreach messages, and efficient use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify potential leads, engage them, and convert them into customers.

    How can I choose the right B2B LinkedIn marketing agency for my business?

    Consider the agency's expertise, the industries they specialize in, the services they offer, and their approach to LinkedIn marketing. Review their case studies and client feedback to understand their success rates. The right agency will understand your business goals and know how to achieve them using LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

    Can a B2B LinkedIn lead generation agency guarantee sales for my business?

    A B2B LinkedIn lead generation agency can increase your chances of finding qualified leads using LinkedIn's tools and their expert strategies. However, it's essential to remember that while they can drive potential leads to your business, converting these leads into sales also depends on your products or services and sales processes.