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B2B paid social campaigns that guide your audience through a passive sales process and create more demand for SaaS and tech sales teams.

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Coversion Optimisation

97% of your market aren't ready to buy. Build trust with them so they choose you when they are.

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Educate, don’t sell

All too often B2B businesses get excited by the targeting capabilities of paid social platforms and spin up demo/sales conversion ads thinking this will get them sales conversations. The reality? It rarely does.

You need a considered strategy that educates you audience on their pains, builds trust with them so they see you as an expert, and convinces them to choose you when they become in-market to buy.

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Create a full funnel journey

You’ve just created a shiny new asset and the whole business is excited about it. You push a campaign live for it and then what? Two months later you’ve got lots of eBook leads that haven’t gone anywhere. Sales are annoyed, leadership are annoyed and everyone’s thinking was it worth it?

The secret to success is ensuring you’ve mapped out a full funnel journey, and challenged the idea that assets should always be behind a gate. You need the right mix of gated and ungated assets to both build a picture of the organisations with genuine interest, while not trying to force demand that isn’t there yet.

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Empower sales with intelligence

Paid social platforms are packed with useful data and insights, but most B2B SaaS and tech companies aren’t leveraging it in the right way.

Go beyond optimisations and lift out data that is useful for sales teams. From mapping interested organisations, to feedback on messaging, to providing possible hit lists, we’ll help you be the driving force that better aligns sales and marketing efforts.

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Optimise for the metrics that matter

The platforms may be packed with useful data, but this can sometimes be overwhelming. You need to know the right metrics to pay attention to daily that can help or hinder campaign performance.

Outside of the platform, a revenue-centric approach is needed. We’ll test and determine the campaigns, content and messages that resonate the most with your target audience and optimise for what drives sales outcomes.

Trusted by B2B SaaS and tech companies

Content that creates demand

Get in front of your audience with high value, expert content that engages, educates and converts prospects.

Ad copy & creatives

From full funnel, to ABM, to recruitment campaigns, we’ll plan, create, and manage paid social campaigns that drive the right outcomes for business. We’ll reduce wasted spend and find what works.

Landing pages

Whether it’s core website pages or unique landing pages, where prospects are sent to is a critical part of paid social success. We’ll ensure destinations are optimised to be frictionless and guide prospects towards the next step in their buying journey.

Thought leadership

Promote your business's expertise and stakeholders' viewpoints to your target audience. Sponsor your organic thought leadership that helps prospects overcome their challenges, builds trust, and view you as the go-to solution when they are in-market to buy.

Gated content

Turn strangers into leads with compelling content. From planning to production we’ll create the right content and promote it across paid social channels to convert prospects across the funnel and build a picture of the organisations interested in what you have to say.

Social proof

Customer wins, success stories and testimonials should be regular part of your paid social strategy. We’ll interview the right people from your organisation to include social proof in our campaigns that helps build trust with your audience.

Video content

Bring complex propositions to life through video content and get the expertise of your stakeholders in front of your target audience. Video can be a big investment with some agencies, so we’ll suggest cost-effective ways to test this format and the messages within them.

Struggling to get ROI from your paid social campaigns?

We’ll audit, strategise, create and manage your paid social campaigns with a focus on what matters — revenue.

A paid social team that feels like your own

We’ve pulled together an expert team of specialists that think like in-house marketers and consider the whole buying journey.


Marketing Account Manager

Your dedicated Marketing Account Manager has the B2B marketing knowledge to guide your decisions and tie everything together, tapping into the right specialist resource at the right time to drive your B2B paid social strategy forward, keeping you up to date every step of the way.


Paid Social Strategist

Your Paid Social Strategist will combine earned and paid social tactics to educate, nurture, and convert prospects into sales conversations. They’ll continuously optimise your campaigns with a focus on what’s driving sales conversations, pipeline and revenue.


Content Specialist

Through a combination of desk-based research and tapping into your team's expertise, your Content Specialist will create unique and interesting angles that position you as a thought leader within your niche and starts conversations with your target audience.



You have a split second to capture someone’s attention on social media. Your copywriter will take your propositions and help craft compelling statements and narratives for social assets that engage and convert.

A Gripped strategist mapping out a marketing strategy on a whiteboard.

CRO Specialist

Destinations are a critical part of paid social campaigns. Your CRO Specialist will ensure they are optimised to convert prospects who are ready, and guide those that aren’t to the next natural step.


Creative Designer

First impressions count, and there’s a lot of competition fighting to be seen. Your designer will create eye-catching creatives that ensure your message doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

Focused on metrics that matter

We’re obsessed with growing B2B SaaS & tech businesses. Read some of our success stories below.

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  • 166% increase in lead to pipeline ratio
  • 383% increase in pipeline deals
  • £134,000+ revenue in 6 months (170% ROI)
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  • 477% increase in organic web sessions
  • 960% increase in demos
  • Established run rate of 200+ monthly leads
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  • 173% increase in organic web sessions
  • 1540% increase in sales conversations
  • Successful exit acquisition by Epicor

How to buy from us

Every business is at a different stage in their search journey. To get to a price we need to understand your current challenges and needs, and select the paid social services that are tailor-made for where you are today and what you’re trying to achieve.

B2B paid social agency pricing & packages

We want to make buying from us as simple as possible. So you’ll see below we’ve tried to give you an idea of the different ways to engage us, the starting costs and what changes that price.

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Rapid audit


You’ll get a skinny audit that looks at your social presence and website performance benchmarked against your three closest competitors, and how to improve it.


Paid social audit

Starting from £2,000 (one-off cost)

You’ll get a deep dive into the current state of your paid social performance and be given recommendations on how to improve it. The number of campaigns and destinations that need auditing dictates the cost.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing (Content + earned social + paid social)

Starting from £5,000 / month

We’ll create a social media strategy that ties together earned and paid social to work in harmony to drive demand. The pace of execution and number of paid campaigns dictates the monthly cost.

Martech and Marketing

Paid social management

Starting from £3,000 / month

We’ll audit what exists and work with you to develop your prospect or recruitment paid social strategy and balance thinking, planning, and execution into monthly allocated resource. The amount and type of resource that you need dictates the monthly cost.

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Full digital marketing engagement

Starting from £7,500 / month

A combination of demand capture and demand creation (including paid social) tactics will be proposed that align with your goals and drive revenue growth. The pace of execution and breadth of tactics needed dictates the monthly cost.

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B2B paid social agency FAQs

Using a B2B paid social agency can help businesses reach their target audience more effectively, generate leads, increase conversion rates, and boost overall business growth.

B2B paid social agencies use targeted strategies, including landing page optimisation and real-time data analysis, to attract high-quality leads and optimise conversion rates.

Organic social media involves gaining traffic from free social media posts, whereas paid social media involves paying to display advertisements or sponsored messages to social media users based on a user profile e.g. demographic or behavioural attributes.

A social media marketing strategy supports B2B businesses by promoting brand visibility, fostering community engagement, and driving lead generation. It provides a platform to showcase products or services, share valuable content, and engage with industry influencers.