£2m return from £20k paid budget

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“Last year, we invested a £20,000 paid budget on a PPC campaign and got a return of about £2 million. I’m impressed with how Gripped constantly monitor what they're doing, particularly with PPC. They will try something, monitor the results, tweak it, and monitor the results again. If anything goes awry, they will revert to the old way of doing things. We have used firms in the past that would just set it and let it run, but Gripped does not do that.”

Nexstor Person

Troy Platts
Co-Founder, Nexstor

Meet the Client: Nexstor's Challenge

Nexstor provides critical IT services and support for businesses in the UK. As cold calling and traditional outbound became less effective and gave diminishing returns, they wanted to take a more digital-first approach to fuel continued growth. They tried partnering with a PPC agency to drive more leads to their sales team, however many of these leads were not qualified and led to wasted budget and a lack of ROI.

How Gripped supported Nexstor

Troy, Nexstor’s Co-Founder and Director, engaged Gripped to transition Nexstor from traditional outbound to an inbound marketing approach. He believed in a content-led approach to drive demand but needed a partner with the expertise to build and execute the strategy.

We first interviewed experts within Nexstor to understand their market, services and target audience. From there, we overhauled the website with a new, modern design, built it on a tech stack that offered a superior user experience, and crafted journeys that led to conversion.

Quickly working independently to research content, we helped brainstorm SEO-focused article topics aligned with Nexstor's services and produced value-led content aimed at different stages of the buyer journey. Moving Nexstor towards an inbound approach helped drive more relevant organic website traffic.

To drive demand to sales while organic growth built, we crafted vendor-led PPC campaigns, and built microsites as targeted conversion points. Ongoing optimisation based on performance data was key. We constantly monitored campaigns, tweaked them based on results, and killed underperformers. This analytics-driven approach led to a significant campaign ROI. Communication was frequent, with biweekly calls to align on the 90-day plan, monthly reporting, and quarterly reviews.

Overview of Our Partnership

extending_marketing_impact (1)

Extending marketing impact

Led digital activity, acting as an extension of Nexstor's marketing team

strategic_guidance (1)

Strategic guidance

Provided strategic guidance on new ideas and ad hoc projects

content_strategy_ (1)

Content strategy

Create a targeted content strategy around Nexstor’s core categories and target segments

website_overhaul (1)

Website overhaul

Executed a website overhaul with a new architecture & design, and continued to evolve it

ppc_campaigns (1)

PPC campaigns

Managed and optimised PPC campaigns segmented by vendor

The results


return from £20,000 paid search campaign budget

0 to

website leads per month


organic website sessions per month from a starting base of 500

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