The Best B2B Content Marketing Agencies in London

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    London has long been a hotbed of marketing activity, and it’s no surprise it’s hard to choose a B2B marketing agency when there are so many! Even within a niche like content marketing, there are a wide variety of agencies offering their services — each with its own strengths and benefits — making it hard to pinpoint which one is the right fit for your business. 

    Content marketing can generate over three times as many leads as outbound marketing, while costing as much as 62% less.1 Furthermore, according to a report from the CMO Council, 87% of B2B buyers say that online content has a significant or moderate impact on their vendor selection.2 

    Content marketing isn’t about getting a director’s email address and sending them marketing collateral. To stay ahead of the game and maintain a competitive advantage in the current climate, you need a water-tight strategy backed up with industry expertise.  

    Partnering with a B2B content marketing agency is a great way to come up with an effective strategy, and as a result you can benefit from:

    • Gaining more organic traffic to your website by implementing B2B content marketing best practices
    • Achieving top ranking on new industry keywords
    • Boosting your search engine optimisation (SEO) using tried and tested methods
    • Offer you fresh ideas, insight and data to create a strong social media presence
    • Email marketing strategies handled by experts to maximise engagement
    • Expert guidance on navigating marketing automation, saving time, money and people power
    • Increase your conversions and, as a result, boost your sales and revenue

    So, let’s take a look at some of the best B2B agencies in London:

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    1. Gripped

    Gripped is a B2B content marketing agency in London that specialises in the full digital marketing agency package for businesses.

    Founded by Ben Crouch and Steve Eveleigh, Gripped has carved out a name for itself over the last four years among SaaS enterprises, Tech, IT, and service providers. Bringing a fresh take on tried-and-tested methods, the agency is dedicated to ensuring that marketing culminates in driving B2B sales forward. 

    As well as offering incredible ROI, Gripped has a robust ethos of transparency. This ensures that clients are always kept in the loop and know exactly what’s happening with their marketing roadmap, funnels and target audience. 

    Aligned values and shared expectations aside, the agency is passionate about quality content. The content creation process is driven by compelling and persona-driven content that:

    • Captures the right kind of search intent at the beginning of the buying cycle
    • Captivates and engages the desired target audience 
    • Converts those all-important clicks into a solid lead generation strategy

    With extensive experience across an array of channels, Gripped helps businesses get the most out of their marketing activity, including SEO, paid-for advertising, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and marketing automation. 

    Gripped have achieved some amazing results for clients, including this case study for a B2B SaaS business. The agency was able to deliver growth in traffic by 1567%, which led to an increase of 4300% in lead flow. They also offer a free growth assessment for companies looking to accelerate their growth.

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    2. Gravity Global

    Gravity claims that they are ‘the world’s most awarded specialist B2B marketing agency network’, and have some real clout when it comes to the digital realm.

    They are keen to ensure that their clients have a good range of digital entry points for new customers, and offer an integrated, full-service, channel-neutral approach.

    Their core philosophy centres around Fame, Admiration and Belief, and they place a strong emphasis on providing the tools and services businesses need to ensure success. This approach has resulted in them working with many well-known brands, including Natwest, Nikon, Seat, Santander and Sage.

    3. Isoline

    Since 2015, Isoline has been spreading the word about all things tech, telecoms and wireless in the digital sphere.

    They approach each project by undertaking detailed research and immersing themselves into the client’s business — trying to find out exactly what their clients are about and how best to present them to the world. 

    As a digital marketing agency, they offer a broad range of services, mainly focused around cybersecurity and Blockchain arenas (among others), and can help out with B2B Tech positioning, copywriting, content creation, content performance and much more. 

    4. Brafton

    Brafton has one main aim for B2B content marketing strategy, and that is quite simple – to use digital content to achieve a business’ goals by focusing on strategy, consultancy and distribution. 

    They execute this by strongly emphasising a scientific, data-led approach to content creation which allows them to tell stories that inspire trust and authority in brands. 

    The agency has an impressive range of marketing services on their roster, and they are best known for:

    • Extensive copywriting services (white papers, blog writing and ebook marketing)
    • In-house graphic design
    • Video marketing

    5. TopLine

    TopLine is known in the industry for winning some coveted awards, including the SomeComms Awards for Best Business Blog and Best Social Media Campaign. 

    Their processes include helping identify and optimise original content that their clients already possess to engage with their audience, as well as implementing new content strategies that catch the attention of prospects.

    Using a hybrid method of the measurable and unmeasurable to create campaigns, they have a real focus on public relations (PR), content and Premium SEO services for their clients.

    6. Earnest

    An agency that believes in “chasing out the humdrum” on both sides of the Atlantic, Earnest has some top client names on their books, including Kronos, Oracle, OAG and Kaspersky Lab.

    With offices in London and New York, this multi-award winning agency won some strong accolades, including:

    • Best Use of Creative (B2B Elevation Awards)
    • Best Corporate Design (ANA Ace Awards)
    • Best Use of Thought Leadership (B2B Elevation Awards)

    Earnest offers a wide range of services to potential clients from basic strategy, building and execution of campaigns, full content services, right up to total experiential services – taking digital into the real world. 

    7. Mediablaze

    Mediablaze, formed in 2010, is an agency that utilises its vast experience in digital product innovation and uses the true core fundamentals of what makes marketing work in all its strategies and campaigns. 

    This culture of innovation has results that deliver as well. For one client,, Mediablaze delivered a 45% improvement in conversion rates after just six months of website and marketing growth experiments. 

    Built upon decades of experience, their approach to content marketing aims to support every step of the customer journey by producing meaningful storytelling that drives actions and awareness.

    Looking for a partner to help you develop your content strategy?

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    8. Blend

    Blend is an agency focused on inbound marketing and getting the most out of companies’ marketing to generate high-quality inbound leads. 

    As well as being a HubSpot Elite Partner agency, they are a content-focused agency that uses the power of a solid marketing funnel to deliver results. 

    Since its foundation in 2010, they have been pioneers in areas such as marketing automation and lead generation to help technology businesses grow. And while they are keen to emphasise they are extremely creative in what they do, it’s always backed with quantifiable, commercial-based understanding with every action that they take.

    9: The Think Tank

    The Think Tank is a combined marketing and PR agency that has been in operation since the 90s, and won 10 Marketing and PR awards in a single year.  

    With well-thought-out marketing strategies, mixed with knowledge of getting those sought after column inches, The Think Tank bridges the gap between the two disciplines to create multi-channel campaigns for a range of industries.

    With their strategy and insight, The Think Thank harnesses the power of content marketing to improve brand awareness, deliver increased web traffic, engage and grow audiences, generate sales leads and change brand perceptions.

    Choosing The Right Agency

    Whatever agency you decide to go with, you can rest assured that investing in a content marketing strategy is not just the sensible option, but crucial in order to ensure continued growth. 

    Working with Gripped gives you access to a team as passionate about your content, marketing and results as you are. Want to know more? Then take a free growth assessment today.
    Are you looking for something outside the city? Make sure to read our top marketing agencies in the UK.

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