Inbound strategy that established a run rate of 200+ qualified leads


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"Traffic exceeded targets. Our customers regularly gave unsolicited feedback on the quality of articles. The workflow was very effective. The sign-off process was clearly defined and adhered to, and QBRs were followed."

Rael Cline

Rael Cline
Co-Founder, Nozzle

Meet the Client: Nozzle's Challenge

Nozzle provides customer analytics software to optimise and grow brands selling on Amazon. With minimal existing awareness of their platform, they wanted to rapidly acquire new customers and grow revenue. They were starting from a near base of zero and were too reliant on paid media, which was pointing to a website that wasn’t optimised for conversion. The Nozzle team had extensive knowledge about their market and had established product-market fit, but lacked the resources to execute their go-to-market plan.

How Gripped supported Nozzle

Gripped were brought on to build a two-fold integrated strategy. The first part consisted of redesigning the website and improving the depth of information available, before planning and executing content marketing for market awareness. Then, implementing lead gen with sales enablement to capture and qualify leads. The goals were to significantly increase website traffic, capture inbound leads and convert sales-qualified opportunities.

Gripped developed deep domain expertise around the Amazon seller space to create highly relevant content. Some customers even gave unsolicited feedback on the quality of the content. This process included interviewing Nozzle’s team, keyword research, content calendars, ebook creation, and using paid channels to promote content while organic reach was built.

To convert more leads into sales opportunities, Gripped optimised their HubSpot by implementing lead scoring models, nurturing workflows, and intelligent routing to sales reps. Clear KPIs were set around the volume of marketing-qualified leads versus sales-qualified leads.

Finally, Gripped provided strategic guidance during monthly reporting and quarterly reviews. By proactively tracking, analysing and sharing performance data enabled data-led decisions to be made. Gripped help Nozzle exceed their traffic, lead, and revenue goals.

Overview of Our Partnership


Extensive knowledge

Quickly developed extensive knowledge of the Amazon seller space


HubSpot configuration

Configured HubSpot for lead capture, scoring, routing, and nurturing


Optimised content

Created a regular content cadence optimised for SEO and relevant traffic


Promoted content

Promoted content across organic and paid channels


Website optimisation

Provided website and content optimisation recommendations based on data and insights

The results


increase in organic website traffic

0 to

qualified leads per month


of Nozzle's customers praised the content quality unprompted

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