Are we a good fit for each other?


Your time is valuable, and we don't want to waste it. We take a different approach from most B2B agencies, and we like to understand early in a relationship whether we'd be a good fit for one another.

We're all about finding a good fit.

We believe in partnerships for the long term.

One of our greatest assets as an agency partner is understanding early in a relationship whether we have a good fit with the businesses with which we engage. We know that if we're aligned and understand one another, then we can be successful. So, with that spirit in mind, we thought it useful to articulate our values and beliefs. 

Our customer retention rate is essential to us, and that means we need to diligent during our early engagements to ensure that we can build a deep relationship that delivers value. If we don't think we can make a success of our relationship, we'll tell you; we'll always be open, frank and realistic. 

Robust Transparency

The more we know, the better we'll be, warts and all. We want to know the good, the bad and ugly. Armed with that we'll get under the skin of your business and work alongside you as a true partner. Equally, we have opinions, and we're not afraid to give. We want to be your trusted advisor, who gives push back when required and guides you to success. We want to share our experience and knowledge, and if you're open to ideas, views and debate, then we think growth is just around the corner.  

Aligned Values

Gripped works with businesses that have an optimistic vision of the future. They're looking to have a positive impact on their customers working lives, and they see technology as the enabler. With that in mind, we work best with companies that treat their employees well and offer a respectful environment for them to prosper. We'll expect our customer to treat our team in the same way.

Shared Expectations

We don't promise the earth. We do, however, commit to building a growth marketing model that works for you. There is no one-fits-all solution, but we'll test, fail and quickly iterate to the right answer for your business. If something goes wrong, and let's be honest now and again, they do. We'll admit it and work to resolve the problem.

Sticking Plaster

We're after longer-term relationships. And that's the way you'll get the best out of us. If you're looking for a quick fix or overnight results to impress an investor then we might not be the right fit. There are certainly quick wins we can implement, but to get true value from our relationship you'll need to be willing to invest time into building a growth engine.  

At Gripped we have some fundamental beliefs that make us and our customers successful.

Growth is science, not art

We're not the colouring-in department. We love to see sales close and how marketing impacts growth. We like to keep score. We like to measure things so we can improve. Without metrics, goals and objectives, how do we know if we're winning? We use these metrics to continually improve the things that we do. 

B2B Buyers have changed

We believe that B2B buyers have changed over the last ten years & they expect more from the people they buy from and partner with.

Outbound is old hat

There is still room in your plan for outbound. But we think things should be done with a relationship focus to in mind to help prospects.

Digital First

Digital should be central to marketing and sales. Buyers expect digital interaction, it doesn't humans, it positively impacts CX.

Content is King

Content plays a critical role in B2B sales and marketing. And good content puts the reader at the centre and not your product.

Partnerships = Value

We're outcome focused and we work as equal partners. Old supplier models are dead. To get true value, you need to value the relationship.

Beyond marketing

Anyone with a customer-facing role has a part to play in a successful go-to-market strategy and should be part of your marketing efforts.

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