The Big Book of SaaS:
A Founders Guide to B2B SaaS Growth

How SaaS founders can deliver sustainable, long term, profitable growth.

We interviewed some of the UK's most insightful founders on their experiences from start-up to exits of £700 million to £1.6 billion.

Learn from their successes and failures of how they pursued growth. In The Big Book of SaaS, you'll find everything you need to make the key decisions about how you grow your business today and in the future.

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Learn how to deliver sustainable, long term, profitable growth. Using insights from Founders and CEOs of some of the UK's most successful startups of the past 20 years.


  • Growth terms and strategies your should know
  • The drivers of success in any B2B SaaS business
  • Key steps required to scale your business


Scaling a business isn’t just about a great idea. It’s no longer the case that if you build it, they will come. Founders must now think strategically about how they are going to drive long term, sustainable demand to grow their business.

This book will show you about go-to-market strategy, breaking down how to find the best customers for your product and the best way to sell to them. Your go-to-market strategy will align marketing, sales and product under the same objectives, and there will also be chapters on how each specific team within your business can work towards these goals.

Learn about:

  • Proven data-backed techniques to define your value proposition, buyer personas and product-market fit
  • Hiring and building a killer go-to-market team
  • The key objectives to align your marketing, sales and product teams
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Tailor your sales process to your product and create a sales machine that delivers sustainable profitable growth. Learn not only how to win customers but make this a repeatable and scalable process. 

Learn about:

  • Defining the sales process
  • The right business model for your target audience
  • The most effective pricing strategies for your sector
  • Qualifying leads within complex sales processes


Learn that Marketing tactics that will attract the right customers, at the right time.  Discover the marketing tactics that will compound value over time and generate the high quality leads.


  • The basics of demand generation
  • Getting freemium products in front of the right people
  • A crash course in SEO
  • Effective content marketing
  • Understanding and identifying your metrics
B2B Inbound Marketing

Download and learn how to:

Create a go-to-market strategy

Target the right customers in the right way, at the right time

Drive the right demand that is sustainable and trackable

Design a sales process that works today and in the future

Keep product aligned to your customers without breaking the business

Track and measure your progress and success

What people are saying about the big book of SaaS...

John Pluthero Testimonial


John Pluthero | Chairman

"Gripped can shape the highest level of strategic thinking but also construct the operations to translate that into marketplace activity and most importantly, sales."

Ben Gowers Testimonial


Ben Gowers | Co-Founder

"These guys just get it... Very insightful in their understanding. In 25 years of working with marketeers, these guys are streets ahead!"

About the authors

Gripped is an inbound marketing agency made up of B2B SaaS Marketing specialists with proven pedigree in scaling SaaS businesses and supercharging growth strategies.

Our services are built to tackle the common problems that B2B SaaS and tech businesses face. Founders Ben and Steve built an agency because they were tired of the cycle of disappointing agency engagements. So they used their experience working at Star, Colt and Essensys and built an experienced and innovative team who know the best strategies for B2B growth and know how to create a methodology that works.

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