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What is user experience

What is User Experience and Why Is It Important for SaaS?

Whether your company sells SaaS (Software as a Service) or makes use of SaaS in everyday operations, you’ll find that user experience (UX) makes all the difference in product’s functionality and attractiveness. And it’s not only your software that needs to get user experience right, it’s also your website. The right visual design and user…

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Pirate metrics explained

AARRR vs RARRA: Pirate Metrics Explained

Pirates metrics have become a popular model for business growth — but what are they and do they actually lead you to that buried treasure? First presented by Dave McClure in his presentation “Startup Metrics for Pirates” in 2007, the AARRR method was originally meant for tracking product marketing and management and focused on acquisition. However, ten…

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Ultimate paid media strategy guide

A Guide to SaaS Paid Media Strategy

Reaching customers online is undoubtedly competitive — at any one point, you’re competing with several other businesses for the same customer pool. What if there was a way to reach customers more effectively? Yes, there’s always a way, and paid media is an efficient technique for growing your brand and boosting your revenue quickly —…

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Awesome Examples of SaaS Email Copywriting

4 Awesome Examples of SaaS Email Copywriting

Is email marketing dead? Some experts may think so, but the statistics say otherwise. According to Hubspot’s 2020 report, email marketing seems to be alive and thriving: 81% of B2B marketers say their preferred form of content marketing is email newsletters 31% of B2B marketers name email marketing as the best strategy to nurture leads…

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What is Code Marketing? B2B Digital Marketing Trends 2022

Code Marketing is the application of the “SaaS free trial” to a far broader range of products, services, and business categories. Essentially, Code Marketing is about enabling users to “try before they buy” and building trust and removing friction within the online buying process. 

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A Guide to Customer Onboarding for SaaS

They say first impressions count, and the onboarding process is a tone-setter for the relationship you will have with each customer. Get it right and it can lead to a long-lasting relationship that will boost your customer lifetime value and provide a healthy contribution to revenue. Get it wrong, and it won’t be long until…

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Defining Buyer Personas in 5 Steps

In order to effectively sell something to someone, you need to understand their pain points. How does your product solve an issue that they are having? This is only the first step of the equation that cracks sales.

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Lead Nurturing 101: 5 strategies for following up with leads

We talk a lot about finding leads, but not always enough about nurturing them. In fact, it often takes as many as 10 unique touchpoints for a lead to convert. While you shouldn’t be ‘pushy’, you do need to follow up on prospects and do your best to turn them into customers.

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5 Steps to Building a SaaS Sales Funnel

The world of B2B SaaS is growing increasingly competitive. As access to knowledge and technology grow more readily available, it’s easier than ever for talented software developers to create game-changing solutions and bring them directly to the B2B market. That’s good news for you. It’s also good news for the other SaaS companies vying for…

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How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value for SaaS Companies

Every business (and every founder for that matter) worth their salt grapples with their value-added. Whether they’re providing the value that a customer needs and expects, and whether they’re doing all that they can to ensure customer retention and prevent the loss of customers to competitors. But value works both ways. B2B SaaS companies also…

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