PPC, paid social & paid search for B2B SaaS, IT and tech companies.

Getting results from paid media is arduous, it's an ever-changing landscape, and someone needs to stay on top of it. That's where we come in.

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We make your investment in Google Ads, PPC, LinkedIn, and Facebook more accountable and deliver results based on strategies that work.


Getting more from paid media

If you're looking to dive into paid media for the first time, or you're already using it and not completely happy with the results, we might be able to help.

We won't mince our words, paid media is painful, complicated, and strenuous to manage. Keeping up with best practice and delivering results is like navigating through a minefield and making mistakes is easy. There are endless reasons why paid media investments fail. But if you're looking to turn your paid media spend into a lead generating machine, we might just have the answer.

The Gripped team can help you get off on the right foot with paid media and deliver ongoing optimisation and management of your campaigns so that you don't end up with a go-live and forget strategy.

Using paid media across the B2B buyer journey

Our expertise to deliver paid media success

  • Account configuration and setup
  • Campaign setup and planning
  • Audience definition and build
  • Keyword research
  • Ad creation and development
  • A/B and message testing
  • Activity analysis and reporting
  • Content development and optimisation
  • Spend management
  • Bidding strategy optimisation
  • Ad group creation and management
  • On-going performance reporting

How we work

Working with Gripped, you'll get access to the skills and resources to manage your paid media. We'll focus on developing persona-centric messaging, ad creative, and content that delivers impact and leads. We'll select the right channels that give you access to your target audience and increase lead flow.

We'll track, report, and analyse your paid media to make sure we improve our performance continually. Whether you're already using platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, or LinkedIn, we've worked across them all and know how to get the most out of your paid media investment.


Platform expertise


It's unlikely that Google Ads don't form part of your paid media plans. We learn fast and tweak often to make sure that your spend is turning back into revenue-generating opportunities.


LinkedIn has rapidly become the go-to platform for B2B marketers trying to build an audience. It's the largest and most effective platform to get in front of the right B2B prospects.


B2B for Facebook, really? Yes, it works, depending on your target audience. But its wealth of data and presence makes it ideal to use in front of your target personas to deliver qualified leads.


People are searching for products like yours, and Capterra is where they end up. We can optimise your performance and spend and deliver bottom of funnel leads like demos and trials.

B2B companies change for the better with Gripped.

"Paid media is getting more nuanced. Having a partner to help make what can easily become a very complicated process easy is invaluable, and that's Gripped."

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Evan Leek

Head of Marketing, Undo

"These guys just get it... Very insightful in their understanding... very clear in their delivery... In 25 years of working with marketeers, these guys are streets ahead!"

Ben Gowers Testimonial

Ben Gowers

CEO & Founder, Gravicus

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