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A B2B Marketer’s Guide to Driving Sales and Marketing Alignment

It’s possibly surprising to some, but B2B sales and marketing alignment remains one of the biggest challenges facing B2B SaaS and tech businesses. Yes, as B2B marketers, we’ve sadly become obsessed with metrics like MQLs that push too many poor-fit leads onto sales and distract from what truly matters—driving revenue growth. This infatuation has damaged…

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5 Tips on Spending Your Series-A

5 Tips on Spending Your Series-A Investment Wisely

What to do with your Series-A Investment You’ve gone through the hard yards of finalising your Series A funding. The pitch deck is in version fifty-two. The responses to…

I’ve just taken the first step

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had a dream of founding my own business. I’ve talked endlessly to friends, family and colleagues for a decade about taking the…

Why your target market definition is wasting your marketing budget

What’s your target market? It’s a pretty crucial question to be able to answer. If you know the answer, great. If you don’t know the answer, you need to….

The Basics of a High Conversion Landing Page

Building an inbound marketing campaign and high conversion landing page. First impressions matter. If you’re looking to build a high conversion landing page, first impressions really matter. For your…

The Most Common Marketing Mistakes

That Could be Costing Your Company Money People all around the world are familiar with Apple. As of 2016, Apple had sold over one billion iPhones worldwide. In fact,…

How to Improve Your Website Traffic Through SEO

Your site must be optimised for SEO. Yes, that’s a generic statement, however, when developing a B2B SEO strategy for your site, consider your buyer personas. Focus on the…

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