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Top 20 Content Strategy Agencies

In 1996, Bill Gates famously claimed that “content is king” in the nascent internet. Twenty-six years later this still rings true, with 97% of businesses claiming that content forms an important part of their overall marketing strategy.1 Given the critical role that content plays in inbound marketing, many businesses choose to work with content or…

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How to Make Content Marketing Work for Software Companies

One of the most important goals of content marketing is to build trust — trust between a business and its customers. When a business is claiming that their product can solve their customers’ problems and make their lives better, it’s crucial customers believe these claims. But you don’t just trust anyone claiming to make your…

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What is B2B telemarketing and is it still relevant today?

B2B telemarketing is dead, long live B2B telemarketing. A telemarketing strategy made up only of cold calling random people is a thing of the past. But inbound telemarketing, where businesses take calls and follow up with a lead after they’ve expressed an interest, is alive and well. Trouble is, it isn’t always thought of as…

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How to Build a Next-Level Content Marketing Strategy

Are you tired of creating content that falls flat? Are you ready to take your content marketing to the next level? Look no further – in this blog post, we’re going to show you how to build a next-level content marketing strategy that will help you engage your audience, drive results, and outshine your competitors….

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On-Page SEO checklist

There are just a few On-Page SEO basics that both SEO experts in the UK and Gripped. It’s important, but (and this is critical), it’s not as important as writing something your audience cares about and is actively searching for online.  However, once you’ve identified the right thing to write, do yourself a favour and…

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Who is the Best SEO Expert UK?

In today’s digital marketing, a website that doesn’t include SEO resembles a vehicle without fuel. Think about it: 68% of all online experiences start with a search engine. 1 In other words, SEO — being seen via search — is vital to your marketing strategies.  Not only does SEO boost brand visibility, it also makes…

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How to Use Google Search Console to Increase Traffic

As a business, you need to continually optimise your website or blog posts for valuable keywords and phrases to make it stand out online. While most site owners know this, far fewer of them do anything about it. By and large, this comes down to not having information about how their site is currently performing…

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How to Optimise your B2B Content Marketing Tactics

Establishing a solid online presence is no longer a choice for modern B2B brands and businesses — it’s essential. 71% of B2B researchers begin their research process with an organic search, invariably exposing them to B2B content which will likely shape their purchasing decisions.1  From there, B2B researchers consume some 13 pieces of content before…

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B2B Content Marketing Best Practices in 2023 and Beyond

B2B content marketing has undergone a series of transitions which has seen it evolve from its former traditional format into something far more digital and dynamic.  The main driving force behind these changes is undoubtedly the evolution of the internet itself — content marketing today revolves around digital distribution. For example, Think With Google estimates…

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What Is Content Marketing? How Can It Help Your Business?

What is content marketing? Content marketing is the merger between advertising, entertainment and education — and what that looks like is really up to you. Most commonly, content marketing is a blog article. But what is most important (when trying to define the category) is that it adds value to the reader while furthering your…

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