6 Techniques to Help You Write the Best B2B Emails

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    B2B Lead Generation Emails

    Emails for B2B lead generation are considered as efficient ways of attracting more leads, which later become sales. This is because it’s the only system of marketing and the best tool for talking to various prospects. Shockingly, close to 205 billion emails are sent daily.

    Although this method is quite sensitive and often tiresome, here you should follow a specific format and use the right headline to impact your audience. This article will show you 6 exciting tips for coming up with attractive B2B lead generation emails that can reward you with improved sales in future.

    Before we delve into the tips, let’s first highlight the importance of using B2B emails in marketing:

    1. It’s perfect for attracting new prospects
      Email marketing is great for attracting new clients. How so? Well, first, it’s a global system of marketing, and second, it targets the perfect data sets!
    2. It’s easily measured
      Here you can monitor, click-through, track your conversation rates and easily measure them to give you the right results. Most importantly, they’ll show you where you’re going wrong.
    3. B2B emails are quick to launch
      They are quite easy to make, and you can send them immediately. Besides, you won’t have to seek the services of a vast team of designers since you can create simple campaigns using only internal forums. Of course, you’re still allowed to use external experts or to outsource some services.
    4. Emails are cost effective
      Compared to other channels of marketing, B2B emails are quite cheap as you won’t have to pay for printing fees or expenses.

    In any case, if you realise that there’s a decrease in your email marketing, maybe it’s time you start using a few strategies and significant trends. They’ll assist your company in staying ahead of its competitors.

    1. Understand your audience

    Understand your target audience if you intend to succeed in B2B lead generation emails.

    The most amazing emails are those that connect with the readers on a personal level.

    So, hereyou’ll need to identify their specific needs and even problems. Reports show that once you personalise your emails, you get close to 27% new clicks and 11% increase in open rates more than those who fail to.

    Start by doing an in-depth research on all your potential clients. For instance, if your emails are meant to attract a company that writes essays, ensure you get its owners’ names. Even though this appears pretty simple, it increases the number of people opening your B2B emails by around 20%.

    This knowledge should help you transform your company in various ways;

    • First, you’ll be a source of the solution to the challenges facing your customers.
    • Secondly, they’ll come to you when they need specific services and products.

    Lastly, it’s always good to end with a call-to-action. This statement gives your readers a clear description of how you intend to solve their somewhat unique issues. Therefore, you’ll need to be in command of your language to write content that speaks directly to your audience. Fortunately, today there are many platforms providing content writing services and could be an essential resource when developing these skills.

    2. Give your subject line enough attention

    Writing a headline is not as simple as it seems. A majority of readers will choose to open an email depending on the subject line. A dull title will generate few to no clicks, but a lot of your readers will visit content which has a subject that engages them from the onset.

    So, how should you create captivating subject lines? Well, other than personalising them, keep them short and precise. Keep in mind that their primary purpose is to give your audience exactly what they should get once they click on the email.

    Your subject line should also arouse creativity, and a good example is topics for compare and contrast essay. In most of these essays, you’ll find headlines that just drive the audience to keep reading. All in all, if you haven’t learned the art of creating compelling titles, they’ll give you enough practice.

    3. Always keep them simple and brief

    Here is an area where most marketers are failing today. The problem is that most of them are using complicated terms just to appear professional. However, your audience would connect better with a message that’s simple and clear.

    Avoid using complicated designs and irrelevant images as they discourage even the most attractive prospects.

    Besides, some designs don’t respond to specific devices. Around 53% of B2B emails are read on mobile phones. Hence, keeping them simple should be more of a norm. Your templates should also be clear and straightforward and make sure you include a lot of white space.

    Keeping your content brief is another crucial factor when writing B2B emails. Even the best audiences are drawn away from huge blocks of text. In other words, no one has the time to go through a longor never-ending email. In most cases, they’ll not even read it.

    So, try to write in a concise and clear manner and be direct. Remember that a majority of readers love going through their emails quickly. In this case, deliver your main subject at the beginning and offer different solutions as you go on. Eventually, you’ll enjoy more leads and reads, which will later develop into trustworthy clients!

    4. Properly design your landing page

    Well, this is not a part of your email, but if you send a link to a terrible landing page, you’ll not succeed in your ad campaign. You can take a horse to a dirty river, but you’ll have nothing to do if it refuses to drink. So, your website homepage should be attractive and directly connect to your email ad. It should also adhere to the best practices of landing pages.

    Your website should include:

    • A homepage
      This is mostly the first thing your readers will find once they click on your company website. Therefore, it should consist of words and phrases that welcome your audience.
    • A service page
      Include a section where you highlight and explain what your company does. Mention the products that you sell and their specific prices. Also, talk about other ways in which your customers would benefit from choosing your company.
    • A blog section
      Here you should share relevant information with your customers. The content you write should be informative and exciting. Having such a page boosts trust between you and your clients; they’ll know where to visit when they need to learn something new in their areas of interest.
    • Include your contacts
      Towards the end, have a page where you’ll allow your audience to reach out to you. All you need to do is share your company phone number and local address. Doing so, you improve your level of professionalism by allowing new and loyal customers to talk or visit you once they have come across an issue in your services and products or when they have specific queries!

    5. Make your ads readable

    Keep your B2B email readable and engaging by only using short and descriptive phrases. These words should give a picture that’s both informative and creates urgency. Keep your paragraphs short to make them simpler to read.

    However, this is a process that requires a lot of trial and error if you want to improve your business leads. Furthermore, you’ll need a considerable amount of A/B testing, plus a watchful eye on all your analytics. Although this may appear like a ‘mountain to climb,’ don’t lose hope. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and think about your pitch, approach, and overall design. Keep in mind that the more you write, the more you’re getting better.

    6. It’s a better alternative to social media platforms

    Before social media introduced itself into the marketing scene we used it to interact with customers in a fun and exciting way. Unfortunately, these channels are entirely flooded, making it harder to grab the attention of prospects. Nowadays, B2B email marketers need to run exaggerated ads just to catch the attention of those using social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. However, you’ll realise that it’s easy to reap huge rewards by running your social media promotions, giveaways and personalised conversations using the less crowded email platforms.


    As you can see B2B lead generation emails are quite easy to write. Shockingly, 89% of companies are adopting the use of content marketing with 64% having committed email marketing platforms. The main means of communication for most serious businesses today is through email and a good number have adopted this awesome method of marketing.

    Even though writing the best ads is quite a tricky process, these techniques can give you the best B2B emails for efficient generation of leads. You’ll discover that most of them concentrate more on the quality and not the quantity of the content. In any case, remember that your readers are busy people who may lack time to go through those long emails!

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