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Gripped worked with us to build a new website, quickly understanding the complex ideas we were trying to get across and niche audience we target. Since the website went live we have seen substantial increases in traffic and Gripped are always full of ideas for improving the impact of the site further. They provide a great, personal service that I would recommend to any small tech company likes ours!... More

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Our team of HubSpot-accredited experts will help you deliver and configure your HubSpot platform in a way that works for your business.

When do you need a better B2B website?

It’s easy to outgrow a website that maybe wasn’t up to scratch in the first place. Here’s why…

Site performance

Your website should sit at the centre of your sales process, and that means generating leads. This needs to be built from the ground up, incorporating messaging, design, structure and CTA placement.

Your website is you when it comes to online sales. It needs to capture who you are and what you do, otherwise it’s not doing its job. That means clear messaging, design and site structure targeted at your audience.

If you’ve ever checked out the competition and thought… damn, I hate my website — it’s time for a reboot. Website standards change, and that can be specific to your market. Pay attention, or find someone to help.

If your website doesn’t give you control over hosting you may hit bandwidth limits as traffic increases. This will create page speed issues that damage SEO and user experience — ultimately slowing growth.

If you can’t customise meta-descriptions, add schema markup, or optimise your page title structures, it doesn’t matter how pretty your website looks, Google won’t like it.

You need easy access to your data. Your website should play nice with reporting tools and help you understand how users interact with pages, how they found your site, and how long they stayed.

Your website has to grow and change. You need the ability to build new landing pages, try new messaging and see what works. Hard code builds and out-of-the-box templates can limit your options.

Site structure matters. You need a clear user journey with targeted persona, use case and industry pages that explain your value to specific audiences and drive towards conversion points.

If your customers say that they don’t understand your website, you are losing untold numbers of prospects. Always ask for feedback and use it to build something better.

Your copy and design need to complement each other, speak to your target audience and walk them to becoming a customer. Details are important, and if it’s not right, it’s time for a reboot.

Our websites always include…

Our Websites include
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UX Ready for Conversion

Site map, page layout, messaging, design and speed can make the difference between 3% session to lead conversion rate, and 1%. Your website needs to be a lead generating machine. We build user experiences that cater to your audience and put your website at the centre of your sales process.

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Responsive Site Builds

Up to 50% of B2B search queries are conducted on a mobile phone. Your website needs to be visually and technically designed to accommodate a range of devices, and scale seamlessly between them. We proactively monitor the technical performance of your site to ensure that it always delivers a friction-free experience.

Practical Accessibility

Practical Accessibility

You need to make sure that everyone can enjoy your website. We’ll use contrasting colours within your brand guidelines to make sure all text stands out, and is easy to read (it’s good design anyway!). Then, responsive site builds make it possible to zoom in without damaging page usability.

Iterative Site Development

Iterative Site Development

You wouldn’t build software and just call it done. So, why do that with your website? We get something live, test it and perfect it. You get to market faster with a product that’s easy to customise and change. Then, we can use in-life data to work towards an ideal outcome.

Our Websites include
How we work at Gripped

How we work at Gripped


Get to know you

We need to start by getting to know your business, your target market and the niche in which you operate. That means spending some quality time together, identifying what’s worked, what hasn’t, and your goals for your new website.


Audit what exists

Armed with your requirements, we'll do deep-dive analysis into your current site, we'll establish personas and deliver our thoughts on the best approaches to design, user journey and the tech stack required.


Design and build

We'll build out lo-fi designs to map the user journey and high fidelity designs to test the UI. Then we'll build out your page templates and site structure, populate content and finalising the build.


Test and snag

We make sure we test your site across browsers and devices to ensure that every visitor has a slick experience. We'll make sure everything works and work through snags as we aim for go-live.



When launch day comes, we'll have everything ready and in place. We always ensure to limit downtime, but if any issues do occur we've got the team online to fix problems and respond rapidly.


Ongoing Dev

Success doesn’t stop with go-live. We’ll analyse the results and continue to deliver new content, functionality and SEO to ensure that your site gets found by your target audience.

How we work at Gripped
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How much does it cost to build a website?

Let's keep things simple and get the difficult conversation out of the way.

Gripped can help redesign and build your site if you have a budget of over £10,000. For more complex requirements or sites, projects can range from £24,000 to £65,000. Keep in mind there are variables that affect the price.


We can help redesign and build your site if you have a budget of over £10,000. For more complex requirements or sites, projects can range from £24,000 to £65,000. However, there are a number of variables that impact the prices. Including:

  • The number of pages
  • The complexity of the design
  • The platform on which it needs to be hosted
  • The additional actions needed to support and maintain that website and/or marketing strategy.

Our goal is to work with you in order to build the right website in the most cost-effective way possible. Get in touch to get a custom quote today.

As a ballpark, it will take about 12-weeks from kick-off to go-live.

However, it depends on the size of the website, the complexity of the subject, and how clear you are about what you want. But 12-weeks is a good estimate for most contexts. Even if you want a bigger website in the end, we’ll likely suggest starting with a limited MVP that we can put live, and then hone based on real-world use. Remember, web design is an iterative process that doesn’t stand still.

Just fill out a form and we’ll get in touch to discuss our web development services. The next step is an informal, no-commitment chat in which we discuss your plans and help you decide on the next best move. If you’re happy, we’ll do a quick site audit, stack you up against the competition and prepare questions we need answered.

Before we can start creating a site map and wireframing pages, we need to learn more about you. That means talking about your personas, use case, product/service and industry. Basically, what outcomes do you create and why should someone care?

If you have a lot of this information already documented, we can dig into that ourselves. However, we find it’s always helpful for your main stakeholders to discuss these specifics with our specialists.

Then, once we’ve started outlining pages and creating copy and design, you’ll want to get involved in reviewing and providing feedback. We’ll lead you through the process and help you understand best practices, but the more closely you’re involved the more closely our work will match your vision.

A dedicated marketing account manager will plan and oversee the project. They will work with you to define a strategy and vision and then communicate with specialists to help bring that to life and ensure technical best practices and a high-quality website.

The account manager in charge of your project will be supported by a team of specialists spanning site architecture, conversion rate optimisation, website content, technical SEO, website design and website development. This is a team of in-house experts and contracted specialists.

Our specialist in-house web development team will work with you to identify a vision and produce the right website for your business. That team includes

  • Copywriters
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • UX experts
  • UI designers
  • SEO specialists
  • Marketing strategists

We can also work alongside any in-house talent you have in order to complement your existing capabilities as effectively as possible. Either way, our experienced web developers can get the job done.

We can work with a number of different types of cutting edge technology. However, there are tools we like more than others. We use:

  • WordPress with Beaver Builder Pro as the page builder.
  • PowerPack + UABB to add extra modules and features to Beaver Builder.
  • HubSpot to enable marketing automation and potentially host some landing pages and blogs.
  • WPRocket for rocking performance.
  • Gravity Forms in order to quickly produce landing pages able to gather information for specific campaigns.
  • WP Engine as hosting provider — one of the fastest on the market with great 24/7 support.

All of this is supported by our technical team who is able to explain our strategy and align it with your vision throughout the development project.

You can build a website in Hubspot CMS, although we would not recommend doing so. It does not provide you the kind of options or capabilities needed to get the most out of your website.

Our go-to platform is WordPress, which we find provides an ideal middle-ground of low-code editability and professional sophistication.

We do host blogs through HubSpot CMS (content management system), and might recommend doing this. However, we usually use WordPress CMS once again.

Yes, yes and yes. Of course, it’s still a website, it still needs to communicate who you are and what you do in a user-friendly way. But the details matter.

The language you use, the examples you provide and the explanations you supply all need to be relevant to your target market. A big difference with B2B markets is how specific that target market is — making it critically important that you know who they are, and tailor your approach.

B2B sales cycles are also often longer than B2C, and involve more complex decision-making. This increases the importance of providing clear and practical information on your website. It also makes educational content, lead capturing and email nurture campaigns critical components of success. Combined with the fact that many B2B products provide a free trial, this all fundamentally changes the conversion goals of your website. Rather than simply driving people towards a sale, it’s about gathering their details and priming them for a sales call.

Maybe, but probably not. Your website is just one part of an entire digital marketing and sales strategy. To succeed, you need a lead generation and lead qualification plan supported by blog content, paid media and search, a social media presence and more. It’s also important to develop in-depth personas, target market and competitor analysis. You then need to consider how your inbound strategy partners with outbound outreach, and target the right people at the right time.

If you have all of this in place, we can step in and help you build a website able to support these wider campaigns. If you're still just getting started, we can support the website we build you with a wider marketing strategy designed to help you grow.

It really depends. A lot of businesses benefit from a clean slate, but we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We’re happy to do a site audit and let you know. If we think you only need a refresh or a few tweaks, we’ll recommend other services such as:

  • Copy refresh
  • Design Reboot
  • Technical optimisation
  • Site hosting and management

These services can be mixed and matched to meet your specific requirements. It's all about finding the right solution for you.

We are a full-stack digital marketing agency. For many of our customer, we are their marketing team. However, we’re also well placed to work alongside your in-house marketers to provide specialist skills, operational support or strategic advice. Our service catalogue also includes:

Only by building a solution that aligns sales and marketing with digital strategy will you find success. In whatever way you need support, we can help.

You will need to have a combination of technical knowledge with an appreciation for the marketing use cases which you’re developing against.

Fast and friction free

Your website should be fast, friction-free responsive & convert leads

A Gripped, conversion-ready website might just be the last site you ever build. We'll ensure it's a web platform that adapts and changes as your business does.

Your new site will be structured to deliver a persona focussed proposition. It'll guide your visitors through a clear journey with compelling Calls-To-Action that work. You'll receive more visitors, increase conversions and benefit from on-going updates, A/B tests and improvements to ensure your website works now and in the future.

Fast and friction free

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