How to Improve Your Website Traffic Through SEO

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    Your site must be optimised for SEO. Yes, that’s a generic statement, however, when developing a B2B SEO strategy for your site, consider your buyer personas. Focus on the keywords your customers are searching for and those that align with their personas. Also, concentrate on long tail keywords to get more quality traffic. If your budget is limited or you are fighting against large brands longtail keywords will be one of your biggest assets to improve website SEO.

    Improve Website SEO

    Many B2B SEO agencies and SEO experts UK stress the importance of particular platforms and tools needed when developing your keyword strategy. These tools include Google Analytics, Google AdWords, HubSpot, SEMrush, Moz and more. You can use any of the tools to generate your keyword ideas and to determine the competitiveness and monthly search volume of your keywords. Though the monthly search volume doesn’t translate directly to your rank for a particular keyword, it will determine if you should target the keyword or not.

    Long-tail Keywords: These are more specific search terms that are effective when targeting a particular buyer person. For instance, a search for “inbound marketing” or “improve website SEO” would bring broader results and “importance of inbound marketing” or “How to improve website SEO” would be long-tail search.

    Rank: This is the position of your website within search engine results. As your rank decreases your location within search results improves. For instance, if you rank 1st for a particular keyword, your site will appear first on the search engine result page.

    Difficulty: This is how difficult it would be for you to appear on the first page of search results for a particular keyword.

    Search Volume: This is the number of times a particular keyword is searched in a month.

    Over 5 billion searches are made on Google Search every day. So, if you fail to optimise your website for SEO effectively, you will be losing a lot of traffic to your site. Your website could rank better in search engines if you improve on the SEO of your site and target long tail keywords that match your buyer personas. You must also think about your site Page Titles, Page Headers, Content, Meta Descriptions and URLs when optimising your website for SEO.

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