Top 28 UK B2B SaaS Products

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    B2B software is critical for business success in this digital era. These products and services are there to aid you, so you can save huge amounts of business time and money that could otherwise be spent on innovation and encouraging conversion.

    It only takes a few Google searches to discover that there are thousands of B2B SaaS products, each with their own unique selling points. It can be pretty overwhelming and may make you feel like you need to invest in them all. However, selecting and implementing the right SaaS product can help lead to your business’ growth. 

    Here we’ve written up a concise list of 28 products made by B2B SaaS companies that could assist you in taking your business to new heights. 


    Need help managing your apps? You’re not alone. Airnow is your solution to time-consuming and tricky app management across multiple app stores. It helps to analyse, distribute, secure and monetise your apps at every stage.

    Their mobile app distribution and deployment platform, alongside their analytics and research tools, help your software go global. By identifying the app stores that are working best for you, you can channel the most effective uses of your time. Airnow also offers digital cybersecurity services and a leading in-app advertising network to help you get the most out of your app creation. 


    • Effective data import and export
    • 24/7 support
    • Custom reports


    • Slight compliance and migration glitches


    Akamai is a globally distributed intelligent edge platform that supports your business in the cloud to improve speed, intelligence and security. Business value is guaranteed with their integration with existing cloud solutions and superior user experiences across all devices.

    The Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform provides transcoding and online services for digital rights enforcement and video content all with real-time analytics. It connects all areas of digital life to help your business continue to shine in competitive markets and secure your multi-cloud world.


    • Mobile performance
    • Service that never sleeps
    • Reduces overhead
    • Allows for flexibility


    • Requires setup training
    • Expensive for small companies


    Looking for a way to effectively plan the future of your business? Anaplan may be the cloud-native SaaS company for you — a centralised tool for many departments built to help you strategise with agility.

    The in-memory calculation engine supports all kinds of decision making with organisational transparency and real-time data. It provides continuous forecasting to help you efficiently and effectively reinvent your business as demands dictate.


    • Works at scale
    • Fully customisable
    • Advanced analytics


    • Data is sometimes difficult to interpret
    • Slower functionality at maximum workspace size

    Black Swan Data

    Black Swan Data

    This is definitely a tech startup to keep your eye on. Black Swan Data is a leading tool in transforming businesses through the way they gather and implement data. 

    Data science and AI understands and predicts customer trends, which empowers brands to get to market with fashionable products first. They achieve this through their intelligent tool, Trendscope — the world’s first social prediction tool. In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, it’s invaluable to have foresight on what consumers will do next.


    • Used by leading businesses like Google and McDonalds
    • Provides advice and solutions for COVID-19
    • Effective AI-driven category landscape reporting


    • Very few customer reviews


    Brightbook, founded in 2007, is all about making online accounting easy for creative professionals and businesses everywhere. They make accounting manageable with an unlimited number of invoices, the ability to export data at any time on their web-based platform, visibility over cash flow and reminders that chase invoices. 


    • It’s completely free and unlimited
    • Secure
    • Great support


    • No app for use on mobiles



    86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience (CX). That’s just one reason why it’s critical for businesses to give customers a great buying journey from start to finish. Chattermill is a SaaS product that assists businesses with improved CX.

    Based in London, Chattermill measures and analyses your customer feedback to gauge what drives most sales so you can continue to do what’s performing best. Machine learning teaches Chattermill what your customers are talking about and tells you, as a result, what they most desire.


    • Nuanced information
    • Automated coding
    • Establishes performance benchmark


    • Takes some time to navigate, but once you do, it’s easy to use



    Recently acquired by Quick Base, Cloudpipes is an industry-leading integration and automation tool that improves business applications. It solves pain points to improve custom applications for workflows across multiple systems. 

    The platform unlocks and connects inaccessible and disconnected data in legacy systems and cloud applications to create new business insight and to power new workflows.


    • Automated
    • Flexible
    • Refreshing UI


    • Pricing plans could be more transparent



    Boasting over 150,000 global users, Cobweb is one of the largest integrated business cloud-based solutions in Europe. It’s particularly helpful in improving collaboration, productivity, security and data disaster backups for small, remote workflows. 

    Its partnership with the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program means that Cobweb’s solution integrates directly with Microsoft Office. It’s a great SaaS tool to cut the cost of phone and conference calls and relieves the nitty gritty of navigating remote working. 


    • Fast service
    • Solves email problems efficiently
    • Secure


    • Lacking customer reviews



    Looking to boost your marketing efforts? Driftrock is the place to be — a tool that boasts 3 times more capture on leads by improving your adverts and placing them on the platforms they value most. 

    Driftrock will use their social platform data and intelligent customer data to target consumers on leading channels like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. Driftrock’s end-to-end tracking, lead validation and campaign optimisation will guarantee an increase in your conversion rates. 


    • Free trial
    • Simple setup
    • Avoids manual uploads


    • Syncs become less reliable with frequent use in short spaces of time
    marketing budgets guide CTA



    Geckoboard is a leading data visualisation software that enables businesses to keep track of all of their data — HR and marketing data as well as customer support and sales analytics. Geckoboard is great to have in your toolbox if you’re not confident in interpreting data.

    Real-time charts and other visuals make data interpretation easy and effective. They also show progress towards high-level objectives and make sure you don’t miss out on any key performance indicators.


    • Bypass searching for reports in CRMs
    • Enables planning ahead
    • Very intuitive


    • Almost no easily available customer feedback

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    It’s expected that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than in 2017. That’s why making sure that your video adverts are seen by the right potential customers is key. 

    UK startup, LoopMe, helps make that possible. They facilitate success for your video advertising campaigns by bringing together attribution, AI and analytics to book, plan and deploy video across mobile, desktop and TV. 


    • Great solution for mobile marketers
    • Cross-screen advertising formats take campaign beyond mobile
    • Award-winning with over 4 billion devices analysed to date


    • Very limited customer reviews



    There are a huge 41.1 million apparel eCommerce users just in the UK. For such a huge industry, it’s crazy that it’s still so hard to find the right fit. MeTail was built to find a solution.

    Customers enter their measurements and MeTail creates an accurate representation of the customer. They can then dress the “MeModel” in potential online apparel purchases thanks to EcoShot visualisation technology. This helps customers buy the right product and also gives sellers fewer returns. 


    • Improved sustainability in the fashion industry
    • Increased sales for retail companies


    • Still not the same as trying clothes on, but a great alternative during COVID-19



    Ometria is a cross-channel marketing platform built to collect and profile customer data for intelligent insight in the campaign creation process. That way, you’ll create campaigns your customers are sure to love.

    Their smart ESP for retailers makes the most of personalised marketing. Ometria’s AI-based orchestration layer provides real-time and predictive insights that optimise revenue as a response to marketing. It’s also the right choice for cross-channel marketing efforts.


    • Suitable for businesses of all sizes
    • Webinar training and support
    • Effective engagement with customers


    • No free trial


    49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations before they purchase a product — a number that’s only increasing. Influencer marketing is now critical to marketing success.

    Onalytica is a SaaS product that assists you in making the most of social proof marketing by creating successful campaigns to promote your products. Their software connects top influencers with brands and delivers a campaign from one unified program. It enables businesses to increase brand awareness, change perceptions and reach new audiences.


    • Invaluable insights
    • Track ROI
    • Detailed options and alerts


    • Potential cost barrier at first, but ROI validates investment
    • Some training potentially required



    Online business is becoming the norm. This inevitably causes a rise in cybercrime because verifying real people in the digital world isn’t always easy — that’s before you invest in Onfido. This SaaS product pulls the curtain away from people hiding behind fake identities. 

    World-leading AI, facial recognition and identity experts are used to show you the human behind the screen. Facial biometrics are compared to a customer’s photo to validate their identity. Onfido helps businesses improve customer relationships by exceeding expectations, security and automation. 


    • Leave manual interpretations behind
    • Multiple point checks
    • Simplicity of app


    • Not 100% accurate — some genuine documents have been rejected in the past



    London-based SaaS business, Perkbox, is a leading employee experience platform taking its place on the world’s stage. It’s a great partner for high street brands looking to offer employees perks, wellbeing, feedback and recognition. This includes the ability for managers to reward employees and gather feedback with survey tools.

    Perkbox currently offers a free wellbeing strategy for remote workflows to ensure that your team is happy and healthy working from home.


    • Trusted by over 7,500 businesses
    • Very wide variety of perks
    • Perk email reminders


    • Some negative experiences with customer service.



    Poq is an app commerce SaaS that helps companies provide the best shopping experiences on mobile. 92% of time spent on mobile devices is spent on apps, making it a great time to invest in mobile and app commerce.

    Poq is here to make app commerce bigger than eCommerce. It will help you customise and transform your app, get to know your customers and build better, longer-lasting relationships with them. 


    • Mobile apps are easy to create
    • Keeps you up with new marketing trends


    • Android specific
    e-book about SaaS price strategies



    Qubit is the place to be for improving online customer experiences. Its goal is to simply cultivate relevant commerce and is performing at the top of its industry thanks to being founded by four ex-Google employees.

    Qubit’s personalisation software helps attract customers with personalised preferences and increases the possibility of gaining a sale. It does this with product recommendations, content personalisation and omnichannel targeting. It’s also built for integration, meaning you can connect the tool to any marketing of eCommerce platform.


    • Good functionality
    • Simple and advanced tests
    • Provides effective ideas and insights


    • Slight learning curve

    Resource Guru

    resource guru

    ResourceGuru is a UK SaaS business that provides an efficient and simple way to schedule your employees from one, centralised dashboard. Upgrade your scheduling spreadsheets with a coordinated calendar, leave planner, clash management and report generator.

    Team visibility, lightning-fast scheduling and metrics that track billable vs non-billable time is sure to upgrade your scheduling communication, especially when your team may be working remotely. 


    • Free trial
    • Affordable
    • Helpful presentation


    • Some features can be confusing at first

    Reward Gateway

    reward gateway

    Reward Gateway is a B2B employee engagement company focused on health and wellbeing. It enables businesses to connect, recognise and support employees through benefits and communications.

    You can extend people’s pay, show appreciation with benefits and assess the morale of employees. Most uniquely, Reward Gateway offers support for employees’ mental, physical and financial wellness based on feedback and data. 


    • Number 1 recognition software in Europe
    • Great savings
    • Free to charities


    • Internet-dependent



    SaferCodes is a QR codes system that supports restaurants, offices and other small proximity businesses in their code usage. Their features help with website links, customer registry, digital menus, reviews and app downloads. 

    SaferCodes helps streamline operations, with 10-second check-ins, and keeps customer data safe by purging visitor data after 30 days. This tool also makes sure that your codes are effective across all mobile devices. You’ll get benefits from SaferCodes, such as a longer mailing list, advanced tracking and those all-important 5-star reviews.


    • Great for more contactless demand during COVID-19
    • Secure
    • Efficient


    • Few real customer reviews



    SAP is a suite of products that can run entire enterprises from supply chain to customer service. It’s no wonder that it’s used by 200 million cloud users globally. That makes it the world’s number 1 cloud business software company.

    It supports businesses with CRM, customer experience, analytics, digital supply chains, network and spend management, and a development platform to transform every stage of your business.


    • 18,300 partners worldwide
    • Detailed real-time data
    • Financial control and management


    • Mostly suited to medium to large businesses



    ScreenCloud is the future of digital signage — software that simplifies putting relevant content on screen, anytime, anywhere. ScreenCloud is great for sharing business presentations, teaching or attracting retail customers.

    Since 2015, ScreenCloud have been transforming work spaces with improved communication through digital signage. They now boast a working relationship with 9,000 organisations worldwide, from salons to churches.


    • 14-day free trial
    • Deployment across all devices
    • Additional app integrations


    • No test screen feature so no room for mistakes



    Overwhelmed by your online orders? Need help streamlining your eCommerce delivery? Scurri is a great SaaS product to assist you in all of your retail delivery needs. It connects and optimises online ordering, shipping and delivery.

    Scurri also gives you access to data that provides actionable insights. You can tailor your delivery options for each customer’s needs, monitor your carrier performance and drive delivery efficiencies, which is even more key with the 2020 spike in online sales. 


    • Adaptable to each brand’s needs
    • Save hundreds of hours
    • Great ROI


    • Some previous issues with integration, which has been much improved
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    Team Up

    Team Up is a great SaaS solution that offers improved software for fitness, gym and studio management. It’s a great way to improve membership by simplifying customer scheduling. In a world with COVID-19 where gyms are required to have clear and limited slots, Team Up is a gamechanger. 

    Members can view schedules wherever they are, customise membership plans and record attendance. You can ditch wasted time on admin and replace it with more classes — a sure way to grow your business.


    • Available on any device
    • Free version and free trial
    • 24/7 support


    • Some time required to get used to the system



    TransferWise is a money transfer service performing online. It’s the cheap, fast way to send money abroad without extra fees. Their mission is to bring transparency to finance, especially for people without borders. They charge as little as possible with no hidden fees or bad exchange rates so you can travel without any nasty surprises.

    The way it works is that you send money in pounds, for example, to a UK TransferWise account and the exchanged rate is then sent straight back to you from TransferWise’s European account. They also offer special features for business, such as the ability to pay staff overseas.

    It’s no surprise 8 million people use TransferWise when their rates are 8 times cheaper than leading UK high street banks and you can open an international business account in minutes.  


    • Safe and reliable transactions
    • Very competitive exchange rates
    • Great for global invoices


    • Don’t offer any free transfers to motivate existing customers



    This is a great tool for hotels looking to increase direct sales by dodging hotel booking websites fees. Triptease uses powerful data to automate customer targeting and create personalised experiences across the booking journey from start to finish. 

    By locating and engaging potential customers, Triptease supports hotel businesses in gaining the right guests and encouraging them to book directly at the hotel. They do this through the use of AI chatbots and real-time parity monitoring. 

    This SaaS product is trusted by 10,000 hotels to drive success. Support for hotels and the travel industry are only increasingly important in a world with COVID-19. Triptease is a top choice to bring in as much revenue as possible in this time.


    • Innovative
    • Valuable statistics
    • Easy to use reports and dashboards


    • Can only create campaigns in Google Chrome
    • Slightly limited customisation tools



    Research has revealed that 63% of customers prefer to talk to someone face-to-face when making big purchase decisions. Vizolution is a SaaS solution to the barriers caused by a too-digital consumer experience by creating a face-to-face feeling online. This solution won at the Wales Technology Awards in 2019, which makes it a key product on this list.

    Vizolution solutions give customers high touch support online or over the phone to make their consumer journey effortless. Easy, immediate and effective screen sharing is their bedrock. Customers and agents are able to display, exchange, complete, verify and sign documents online with a human touch. 


    • Simple and easy to use
    • Captures information directly from customers
    • Converts information into documentation automatically


    • Requires internet for customers

    Making the right choices

    B2B as a SaaS industry is booming, with investors putting £9 billion into British tech startups in 2019 alone. That’s no surprise when these products really are making the difference for businesses looking to shine in oversaturated industries, especially online.

    Analysing the benefits and any cons to each product your business is interested in is key pre-investment. Think about your team capabilities and which pain points are the real priorities to solve. Then, dive in! It might seem daunting to try out new tech but you’ll learn on the go and the right tech will give you great support along the way.

    Tech products really do have the power to transform how your business performs, so don’t miss out. If you’re looking for expert advice specific to the needs of your business, get in touch with Gripped. We’ll provide a free growth assessment to help elevate your business growth in the best way possible.