The Hottest UK AI Businesses to Get Funding

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    The popularity of AI (Artificial Intelligence) grew rapidly in 2019 as businesses rushed to be on-trend with the latest fad. Come 2020, AI adoption is showing no signs of slowing down, and with Venture Capital firms becoming increasingly interested in investing in this area, B2B SaaS and tech startups have latched onto this promising prospect.

    That’s why I’ve put together this list of exceptional AI startups, who really are shaking up the sector. Yet with this buzzword being thrown about like it’s going out of fashion, I’ve only identified companies that have demonstrated serious potential to succeed with AI or ML (Machine Learning) based solutions. Their products offer real value by improving tasks and processes carried out on a weekly, if not daily basis by businesses all over the nation.

    Ready? Let’s check out the top AI companies UK…

    We Build Bots

    We Build Bots AI company website homepage

    Why settle for one solution when you can get three? Predominantly aimed at the public sector, We Build Bots is a tech startup that offers customer service AI through their products Intelagent, Triage and Tickit.

    Intelagent keeps citizens smiling by streamlining your customer service. Intelligent chatbots can answer the everyday questions your agents get, freeing up their time for more complex enquiries. What’s more, they can undertake workflows such as filling out forms and firing off emails, whilst feeding data into your CRM.

    Triage acts as your mailbox personal assistant. It’s able to redirect emails to the correct department by following pre-determined rules and recipients.

    Tickit stops your IT teams wasting time on lesser issues that can be solved using a self-serve system. By providing automated support to common IT queries, it can free up resources allowing IT to deal with the more complex issues that Tickit alerts them to. No more calling up IT just to be told to turn it off and on again!


    Ad-Lib AI company website homepage

    There’s nothing worse than putting time, effort and money into an ad campaign that ultimately flops. You may learn from your mistakes, but it wouldn’t be such a hard pill to swallow if it didn’t take so long to bring the concept into creation.

    Enter Ad-Lib, a paid marketing platform that uses AI technologies to produce ads in real time with existing assets. Through historic performance data analysis, Ad-Lib assesses what works best and on which channels, forming ads that are relevant, interesting and personalised.

    The analytics powered platform allows you to manage briefs and creatives, automate ad creation, as well as collect valuable data for optimisation. With Ad-Lib, you can drive performance through efficient and effective targeting — spontaneity never felt so good.


    Headstart AI company website homepage

    The recruitment process is notorious for being a drawn-out, soul-sapping experience — and that’s not just for candidates, I’m sure hiring managers could think of a thousand other things they’d rather be doing.

    Headstart aims to reduce the time-to-hire, whilst identifying best-fit candidates based on data science and natural language processing. Their ‘fair and fast’ approach removes bias in the recruitment process, and they use AI-driven software that screens high volumes of candidates in seconds based on skills and psychographic data. By analysing a combination of data and human behaviour, they can ensure optimum role and culture fit.

    The deep learning platform creates transparent analytics on hires and rejections that allows you to identify bias within stages of your recruitment pipeline, and make meaningful change to your processes.

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    Juro AI company website homepage

    Contracts are one of the most time-consuming documents to put together, with constant amendments and back and forths, not to mention the monotony of it all (yawn).

    Juro is an AI business that enables real-time collaboration on contracts that removes the constant in-house circulations seeking edits and approvals, taking the pain out of paperwork.

    With a helping hand from AI, Juro can read signed contracts and turn them into actionable data, seamlessly adding them to your workspace labelled with the contract type, company as well as signature and expiration dates.


    Humn AI company website homepage

    Vehicle consumption is changing, many of us now opt for usage over ownership. This means insurance providers will increasingly deal with fleet operators, and traditional insurance models are no longer fit-for-purpose for ride-hailing, vehicle sharing and delivery service companies.

    Humn’s platform Rideshur uses artificial intelligence technologies to offer real-time insurance. Rideshur enables businesses to pay by the second through smart contracts that are AI-driven to offer real-time prices based on car usage and risk factors, ensuring insurance stays fair.


    Amplyfi AI company website homepage

    Amplyfi is a technology company that boasts three business intelligence products which make it the ultimate market research tool.

    DataVoyant gives businesses the competitive edge by using Artificial Intelligence to analyse market trends in any sector using the world’s biggest source of information — the internet. By making even the weakest of connections between data, it makes the unknown known before anyone else, which can be used for more informed decision-making.

    DeepResearch goes beyond the capabilities of traditional search engines. Through AI, it dives deep into the web, evading algorithms that favour search engine optimised pages to provide unbiased data analysis. It collates results and clusters them so you can easily assess the most relevant answers to your query

    Stream monitors markets to give you in-depth customer insights. The AI analytics platform collects relevant data sources about sectors and companies. This highlights important topics of conversation in the news and on social media — big data delivering the bigger picture.

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    Rossum AI company website homepage

    Say goodbye to manual data entry with AI company, Rossum.

    This AI-based software scans invoices and extracts data in a structured format, without the need for a template. It integrates seamlessly with your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or accounting system and feeds in the extracted data. With data validation as an option, it has a fail-safe process in place to ensure that data extraction is always accurate.

    No more wasted hours on number crunching!


    DPL AI company website homepage

    With the abundance of choice buyer’s have today, it’s no wonder they want to feel special when you reach out to them. Blanket marketing doesn’t work, and considering the unique aspects that make your audience tick is essential if you want your messaging to resonate.

    DPL have developed a personality-based marketing platform that offers insights on your audience so you can create marketing content that hits the nail on the head.

    By combining behavioural science and data science, this platform not only uncovers key personality characteristics with which you can segment your audience, but it also highlights segments that are neglected by your current marketing strategy.

    Nexus FrontierTech

    Nexus Frontier Tech AI company website homepage

    Data entry is a time-killer, and I’m not talking about trying to make your Friday afternoon go quickly so you can get to the pub! Mundane, repetitive processes (although often essential), eat away at the time we could spend on more meaningful tasks.

    That’s where Nexus FrontierTech comes in. Using their AI powered platform Podder, they create AI solutions that can be integrated into existing business systems to optimise processes and improve efficiency. Unlike other data extraction software, their AI-driven cognitive document reader can take any unstructured data and turn it into structured, usable data.

    Nexus Frontier streamline your everyday business processes and save you time. After all, they say time is money.