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    It’s undeniable that a well-executed website is a deal breaker for a customer looking to invest in a B2B SaaS brand. Getting the balance between eye-catching content and practicality is no small feat, but it will make all the difference in attracting potential customers — something the best SaaS websites on this list have nailed. 

    Constructing the most effective B2B SaaS website requires decision after decision and it can be tough to know where to start. So we’re going to take a look at the best websites to give you the head start you need in having a website just as good as theirs. 


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    1. Slack

    Screenshot of Slack's homepage

    Slack is first on our best SaaS websites list — a communication tool offering improved team efficiency — is first up on our list of inspiring websites. Their tool enhances efficiency and team relationships for businesses of all sizes.

    What are their standout website features?

    Slack’s website copy teaches users what their product is about from the get-go. They don’t shy away from telling potential customers why they’re “unlike email” and they address pain points right at the top of the page. They’re also experts at implementing a product-led growth strategy

    They don’t bombard users with too much information. They exhibit their best feature and then have a call-to-action (CTA) button with the option to “see all features”.

    Slack also offers an informative video that showcases their platform, leveraging the 88% more time users spend on pages with video — a great example of effective user experience (UX) design.

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • Offer CTAs throughout the homepage and make it easy
    • Be explicit about your product’s value and USP
    • Keep it simple
    • Incorporate animations that visually demonstrate your product

    2. Dropbox

    Screenshot of Dropbox's Homepage

    Providing solutions to remote workflow and secure storage challenges in one unified place is what Dropbox is all about.

    What are their standout website features?

    Dropbox’s website design is simple and slick, which is critical when 89% of consumers choose a competitor over a brand with poor UX. Simplicity also draws attention to their friendly sign-up forms to improve conversions.

    Dropbox updated their website recently to keep their copy and design fresh and contemporary. They previously introduced the tagline “everything you need for work, all in one place” — an effective and catchy tagline for their product, which has now been replaced with (in our opinion) a less effective “do more than store with Dropbox”.

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • Stay contemporary with website updates
    • Give clear information about prices and plans
    • Be clear about the pain you’re solving in your value proposition
    • If your brand is well-known, you can afford to place sign-ups near the top of your homepage

    3. Stripe

    Screenshot of Stripe's homepage

    Stripe is a payments infrastructure for the internet. It’s an integrated suite of payment products that equips companies to accept payments online and in person. 

    What are their standout website features?

    Stripe credits itself as being a high-tech company, which is reflected in their web design choice of brightly coloured moving graphics that automatically draw users in.

    Another attractive feature is their copy, which is centred around customers building belief in Stripe. A key way they do this is by using strong social proof with phrases like “millions of businesses” [use Stripe’s software] and logos of their clients.

    They take their marketing a step further by showcasing how versatile their product is. This is done with visual examples of the various devices their platform works on — smartphones, desktops, and card readers.

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • Create a value statement and lead with it
    • Grab attention with movement on your homepage
    • Show value by displaying your partnerships
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    4. Mailchimp

    Screenshot of Mailchimp's homepage

    American SaaS business, Mailchimp, is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service designed to grow businesses on the customer’s terms.

    What are their standout website features?

    Mailchimp have narrowed their target audience to small businesses looking to grow. Their copy successfully reflects this by leading with the phrase “Mailchimp helps small businesses do big things”. This gets their key message across in seconds and attracts the right audience quickly.

    This is followed by a straightforward and clear CTA. The navigation on this site is clean from the landing page through to the menu bars. 

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with

    • Don’t waste time — get straight to the point of why users should invest in your brand
    • Include direct CTAs that are easy to find
    • Make navigation clear and easy
    • Weed out anything on your site that isn’t informative for your viewers

    5. Litmus

    Screenshot of Litmus' homepage

    For anyone looking to upgrade their email campaigns, Litmus is the place to go. Their service tests and monitors campaigns, allowing companies to optimise emails all on one platform.

    What are their standout website features?

    At the top of Litmus’ landing page are automatically rotating slides that flick through each of their leading features. These are explained through snappy headlines like “get more from email marketing than you ever thought possible” — an example of insightful yet simple copy users can’t miss.

    Each headline is also followed by a clear, green CTA on each slide. This is a smart colour choice considering it’s been proven that CTAs in eye-catching colours increase conversions.

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with

    • Signpost your versatility with phrases like “whether you work with a team of two or collaborate with 200”
    • Choose colours for your CTAs in high contrast to your background
    • Consider automatically moving slides to give users the best chance of knowing your brand
    • Display current offers

    6. Typeform

    Typeform creates forms and surveys enabling businesses to accumulate better data. These surveys are designed to be sleek and “people-friendly” with appealing and intelligent design — something that’s reflected in their website’s UX design.

    What are their standout website features?

    The minimal layout and neutral palette make the website both easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. It directs the user’s attention right to where it needs to be — the CTAs, which are bold in black.

    Eyes are drawn to the colourful and informative video on the homepage. You don’t have to look far for an insight into the ease and enjoyment of creating a Typeform survey.

    This website continues to excel with a unique social proof section near the bottom of the page. Typeform give examples of how they have helped grow individual businesses — the testimonial of Mask Match is particularly smart as it’s so current. 

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • A minimal approach can go a long way, especially if it reflects your product design
    • Take social proof to the next level with contemporary and numbers-based examples
    • Include tutorial-style videos

    7. Bench

    Online bookkeeping service, Bench, is an affordable and easy-to-use financial reporting platform perfect for small businesses. 

    What are their standout website features?

    Bench’s website is a great example of how to balance practicality with the uniqueness of your brand. It’s formal enough to interest corporates but still retains a personality with friendly copy and imagery.   

    Clarity of the services offered and a no-faff approach to the streamlined design makes the site appropriate for a bookkeeping service. User-friendly images displaying financial reporting features give potential customers the taste of Bench they need. 

    Their testimonial and “featured in” sections on the homepage successfully distinguish them from their competitors. 

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with

    • Pin down a clear message for your headline
    • Embrace your uniqueness
    • Leverage customer reviews from established review sites to build credibility

    8. VideoAsk

    VideoAsk is a face-to-face communication tool that helps companies on their engagement journey by creating and sending videos as well as receiving direct and diverse responses from clients.

    What are their standout website features?

    VideoAsk is, of course, all about video. It makes complete sense, then, that right at the top of their homepage, there’s a face-to-face video. This plays on mute when you land on the site, almost unconsciously urging a user to turn the sound up. A potential client then gets an immediate taster of the product.

    The team member in the video also asks the viewer a direct question, giving a real sense of interaction and communication — the aim of the product. While videos throughout the page may feel excessive for other brands, it fits perfectly with a business selling a video tool.

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • Use video content
    • Interact by asking direct questions
    • Introduce a member of your team for a personal touch
    • Always reflect your product through UX
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    9. Kissmetrics

    Kissmetrics is a marketing analytics product that brings advanced data software as a service. This allows businesses to improve growth by understanding activity on their websites and in their apps. 

    What are their standout website features?

    This website uses strong colour contrast between the blue background and stark white text as well as layout to draw user attention to vital information about their service. When you land on the homepage, users can see the top of some font peeping out from the bottom of the page, which entices users to scroll for more information. 

    But their boldness in directly comparing their product to Google Analytics is what really strikes us about this website. It works because it openly gives customers direct reasons why they should invest in Kissmetrics.

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • Include testimonials and positive reviews
    • Acknowledge your strongest competitors and showcase your USP
    • Lay out your page to encourage viewers to scroll

    10. Evernote

    Evernote is a note taking app developed in California. It also improves task management, organisation and archiving for individuals, students and businesses.

    What are their standout website features?

    Like other top B2B SaaS websites, Evernote clearly addresses a user pain point and offers solutions for that problem — but where they stand out is the clear CTA placed above this information.

    Evernote also excels through their use of clean and insightful images. The pictures of Evernote on a smartphone, a laptop and a tablet display its versatility at every section of the homepage.

    They also have great transparency of their prices and plans, ensuring there won’t be any nasty surprises. The cherry on top is the pop-up and banner that displays a percentage-off discount, letting users feel like the company has their best interests at heart. 

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • A clear and simple nav can go a long way
    • Don’t be afraid to detail your plans and prices
    • Let your message take centre stage

    11. Wise

    Global money transfer platform, Wise, delivers a cheaper, more efficient way to transfer money abroad. Their tool avoids hidden fees and follows a simple, step-by-step process.

    What are their standout website features?

    TransferWise prides themselves on being transparent about their fees and their website does that straight off the bat. Right at the top of their homepage, they have a graphic that walks users through every fee and every step taken in the conversion process.

    They then take it one step further. The graphic is actually an exchange rate calculator, meaning users can interactively experience how much money they could save for themselves. 

    Another great marketing strategy on TranferWise’s website is found near the bottom of their homepage — video format stories used as testimonials of their service. This adds a needed personal touch.

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • Ensure you don’t have too many components vying for attention
    • Use interactive elements
    • Give users a step-by-step example of your service
    • Get creative with your testimonials

    12. Zendesk

    Zendesk is a digital customer service platform that streamlines sales and upgrades customer engagement and support in a climate where effective customer service is more important than ever. 

    What are their standout website features?

    This website is a great example of harnessing relatability as a sales technique. When the global pandemic broke out, Zendesk were quick to update their website’s copy to connect with prospective clients as best they could. 

    They use a friendly tone with phrases like “champions of customer service” and “take Zendesk for a spin” to create an easy-going and inviting feel. Large font effectively draws attention to these moments. This is so important as it takes only 2.6 seconds for a user’s eye to land on the most influential part of a page.

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • Ensure design continuity
    • Consider the effect font size has on directing eyeline
    • Stay contemporary
    • Use links to relevant articles on your homepage
    • Use popups to offer users a product demo

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    13. Fullstory

    FullStory is an analytics software that betters apps with a focus on user engagement. Their service gives customers transparency over app activity to make way for lasting improvements.

    What are their standout website features?

    FullStory overtly displays business metrics on their website as a sales pitch with a link to a new study at the top of their homepage — “enterprise retailer sees 411% ROI using FullStory”. This is a great way to lead with your best foot using numbers.

    Another standout on this website is the signup sheet at the bottom of the page — an integrated form to request a demo of FullStory’s platform. Users can sign up without having to leave the page, which adds to the overall ease of this website. 

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • Incorporate impressive statistics that help your product stand out
    • Use “trusted by” in your testimonials to engage users
    • Showcase the product as much as possible (the self-guided tour is a great addition here)

    14. Intercom

    Live chat supplier, Intercom, assists sales teams in improving their customer service. Their platform connects sales teams with prospects as well as support teams with app users.

    What are their standout website features?

    Intercom uses simple and engaging animations whilst still remaining minimal in design and therefore easy to digest. When a user lands on the homepage, small animations bubble up from the chat icon. This draws the user’s attention right to where it matters — their product, the live chat button. With 94% of first impressions proven to be design-related, this is a great move. 

    Something a little different to other websites is the placement of the sign-up at the top of the page underneath the header. This is a straight-to-the-point approach that exudes confidence. 

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • Spark intrigue with surprise animations
    • Target those designs around what you’re selling
    • Allow users to commit without redirection with an email bar

    15. Drift

    Drift is a marketing platform that provides real-time, one-on-one chatbot conversations with a focus on real connection. 

    What are their standout website features?

    What really stands out about Drift’s website is their outstanding social proof, which boasts more than 50,000 clients. They use a rolling animation of customer logos, giving the feeling that their client base is endless.

    Drift also has effectively reflected the ethos of their brand in their website design. Drift is all about creating “personalised conversations”, which is even demonstrated in the use of a font that looks handwritten. This is a great unique addition. 

    Takeaways to upgrade your website with:

    • If your company benefits from an impressive number of clients, don’t shy away from showcasing them
    • Exhibit your values and reflect them in everything from your font to your images

    Best SaaS websites: The takeaways

    So there you have it — the best SaaS websites you can use for inspiration. Remember, often the first interaction a potential customer has with your B2B SaaS brand is through your website. It’s crucial, then, that your site does the best it can to showcase your leading features and solutions whilst remaining attractive, user friendly and an accurate reflection of your ethos.

    In such a competitive online market, your website needs to have standout design and solve key problems for users in a user-friendly way. There are four key things you must be sure to achieve — be transparent about your prices, include effective CTAs, exhibit social proof and simplify signups. 

    It takes 0.05 seconds on your website for users to form an opinion of your brand. Needless to say, you want to get them right. Implementing the tips we’ve highlighted in this blog will be great starting points to improve conversions and ultimately grow your business.

    If you want to optimise your website to be the very best, Gripped can help. Contact us today for a free growth assessment

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    Best SaaS Websites FAQs

    What features do the best SaaS websites include to attract and retain customers?

    The most effective SaaS websites incorporate a user-friendly design, clear and compelling value propositions, and intuitive navigation. Key features include:

    Free Trials or Demos: Allowing potential customers to experience your product firsthand.

    Customer Testimonials and Case Studies: Demonstrating the value and impact of your service.

    Comprehensive Support and Resources: Offering easy access to support channels and a rich knowledge base.

    Engaging Content: Using blogs, webinars, and tutorials to educate and engage with your audience.

    Clear Pricing Information: Providing transparent and detailed pricing plans to help prospects make informed decisions.

    How can I optimise my SaaS website for higher search engine rankings?

    To optimise your SaaS website for search engines, focus on:

    Keyword Research: Identifying and targeting keywords that potential customers are searching for.

    High-Quality Content Creation: Producing valuable content that addresses the needs and questions of your target audience.

    On-Page SEO: Ensuring your website's structure, headings, meta descriptions, and images are optimised for your target keywords.

    Mobile Responsiveness: Guaranteeing your site provides a seamless experience on mobile devices.

    Backlink Building: Earning links from reputable sites within your industry to boost your site's authority.

    What strategies should I employ to increase the conversion rate on my SaaS website?

    To enhance your website's conversion rate, implement the following strategies:

    A/B Testing: Regularly test different elements of your website (like CTA buttons, headlines, images) to see what works best.

    User Experience (UX) Optimisation: Ensure your site is easy to navigate and load times are minimal.
    Personalisation: Use data to tailor the website experience to individual users or segments.

    Clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs): Make it easy for visitors to know what action to take next, whether it's signing up, requesting a demo, or getting in touch.

    Landing Page Optimisation: Create targeted landing pages for different audiences and campaigns to improve relevance and engagement.

    How important is content marketing for a SaaS website, and what types of content are most effective?

    Content marketing is crucial for SaaS websites as it helps to educate the target audience, establish authority, and improve search engine rankings. Effective types of content include:

    Educational Blog Posts: Addressing common questions and challenges your target audience faces.

    Video Tutorials and Demos: Showing your product in action and explaining its benefits.

    E-books and Whitepapers: Providing in-depth insights on industry trends or specific challenges.

    Case Studies and Success Stories: Highlighting how your product has helped other businesses.

    Webinars and Live Q&As: Engaging directly with your audience and providing valuable information.

    How can I measure the success of my SaaS website and identify areas for improvement?

    Measuring the success of your SaaS website involves tracking a variety of metrics, including:

    Traffic Sources: Understanding where your visitors are coming from.

    Bounce Rate: Identifying pages where visitors leave quickly can highlight content or UX issues.

    Conversion Rate: Measuring how effectively your site turns visitors into leads or customers.

    Customer Feedback: Collecting and analysing feedback can provide direct insights into user satisfaction and areas for improvement.

    Engagement Metrics: Tracking how users interact with your site (such as time on site, pages visited) can help you understand what content is most valuable.

    Regular analysis of these metrics will help you refine your strategy and make data-driven decisions to improve your SaaS website.