3-3: Three Weeks of Business, Three Customers Won

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    As most people start ramping down for the festive period, things over at Gripped HQ seem to be trending in the other direction.

    Let’s start with Gripped HQ itself. Technically there isn’t one yet, Steve and I have been working a reasonably nomadic life for the past three weeks, spending the core of our working week with our clients, in prospect meetings or putting in some hours at home or in coworking spaces. I spoke in my last article about my need for structure to the working week. Although we could easily avoid the expense of office space for another couple of months, we feel this is the right time and right way to start spending some of the revenue that is coming into the business and give ourselves the base it is obvious we need.

    Another investment we are making is partnering with the very affable and proficient, Emma Milbourne, who will be assisting us with the Gripped finances moving forwards. I am a big fan of understanding the financial mechanics of a business, and it is obviously crucial to know your own. However, I am an even bigger fan of knowing when it pays to let an expert take the reigns in certain areas. I think some regular voices from outside the business, are crucial to keeping Steve and me focused on the right things, and I look forward to Emma being one of those voices.

    January and February are already shaping up to be busy months, and if you’d told me three weeks ago, we’d already have to be drawing up a resource plan for Q1 to ensure we do not take on too much work I would not have believed you. The end of Jan also feels like the worst time I could have picked for a holiday (booked months ago!), but I get the sense any break from now on will be a working one anyway.

    The continual ramp-up in work does mean that Steve and I are already planning and budgeting for our first hire early in the new year. This in itself has triggered a need to sharpen up the business plan and ensure we are clear on revenue forecasts and our expected cost base. This is the only way we will know it is a sensible move and fair on whoever we hire.

    It also means we have started to discuss how our roles might need to progress from the divide and conquer approach that has been instrumental in kickstarting the business, to a model where we each start leaning towards our strengths a little more. I am sure it is a discussion that will continue to evolve over the coming months.

    Lastly, we had a good end to the week, signing another client. This makes it three in three weeks, or 3-3 if you want it represented as an England batting score. For all the talk of resource planning and busy starts to the year, I feel confident these are the right and nice problems for us to have.

    I would love to hear any thoughts and feedback you have on the above.