A Gripped Success Story

Vercator Software delivers 1567% growth in traffic and a 4300% increase in lead flow.

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Company: Vercator Software
Industry: SaaS

Their Problem: Vercator Software required a new website to differentiate themselves from their parent company Correvate. Their aim was to generate more traffic and enough leads for their 3D Point Cloud Processing software. Operating in a niche market, with a small marketing team, limited budget, and highly technical product proposition, Vercator needed to find new and cost-effective ways of engaging their audience.

Results: Vercator software went from 300 visits per month to 5.8k, 2 leads a month to 88, and now rank for over 800 keywords with many appearing on the first page of search engines.

A man on a mission

Vercator Software’s Head of Marketing, David Gray reached out to Gripped in May 2018 with a simple goal; ‘help us grow.’ This came off the back Vercator Software making an investment in Hubspot and quickly realising that Hubspot on its own is only part of the growth puzzle. New into the business and backed by huge ambition, David wanted to deliver results quickly and invested time and energy to better understanding Vercator Software’s ideal customer profile and key personas. 

David recognised that Vercator software needed to build a proposition that was focused on their target personas, therefore a new website was needed in order to ensure prospects were offered a clear route of conversion.  


Automated scan-to-BIM software

Vercator software greatly improves current point cloud processing techniques. With an openness to collaboration, the team’s ambition is to continually develop software products that lower the barriers to point cloud adoption.

Vercator Software is striving to be a leading software solution provider in the areas of surveying, construction, civil engineering, architecture, facilities management and beyond. With the aim of doing this by providing customers with value and deliver a clear return on investment.

In partnership with Gripped, Vercator Software looked to create a new web presence and leverage content in their digital marketing and sales process so they could fulfil their ambition. Gripped created a go-to-market playbook, developing ideal customer profiles, personas and a content strategy as a foundation to drive inbound traffic and leads directly to the new Vercator Software website. Publishing two articles per week, Vercator quickly started to reach their target audience and draw relevant traffic towards their website and the leads followed. 

"Despite our product being highly technical, Gripped swiftly mapped out a strategy to approach the market. Today, our presence continues to grow and the outstanding results speak for themselves."


David Gray

Head of Marketing, Vercator Software

Significant increases in traffic and leads

When Vercator Software started working with Gripped they were getting just over 300 visitors per month, converting an average of 2 leads per month and was ranking for 12 keywords.  Just short of twelve months on the new Vercator website (developed by the Gripped team in close collaboration with the Vercator Software marketing team) now received over 5,800 visitors per month, delivering more than 88 leads per month, driven by over 800 keywords that rank highly across search engines. David Gray and the Vercator Software team saw the value in Gripped’s inbound approach and can safely call themselves converts.  

David and the Vercator Software team are excited about their inbound-powered future. 

The numbers speak for themselves

Increase in leads


Keywords ranked in search


Growth in website traffic


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