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"I'm very impressed with their design work - once we'd nailed the new look and feel of our assets, all design work since then has been very consistent, engaging, and fresh."

Jarmany Person

Alex Allen
Digital Marketing Manager, Jarmany

Meet the Client: Jarmany

Jarmany is a data management and analytics consultancy that helps businesses extract insights from their data. Jarmany had seen steady growth over the past few years, and were now looking to scale their demand generation to accelerate their positive growth trend. As a one-person marketing team, Alex Allen, Jarmany’s Digital Marketing Manager reached out to Gripped to find a partner that could support her in these efforts.

How Gripped supported Jarmany

Jarmany was at a crossroads in its growth trajectory, ready to take the business to the next level but not quite sure how to go about it. They needed help improving their online presence and capturing more leads. Gripped were brought on to develop the website, create content, run paid ads, and formulate an overarching growth strategy.

Gripped helped Jarmany update their website in staged releases. A big focus was placed on user experience. A metric that needed improving was time spent on pages, which was low and showed that visitors were not engaged when visiting the site.

As much as the site experience needed improving, it also needed the right traffic to be directed towards it, and so began the production of articles and other content to attract relevant visitors. On the organic side, Gripped optimised on-page elements for better SEO performance.

Metrics like website traffic, lead volume, and engagement were monitored to track results. Key workflows were established around bi-weekly check-ins and monthly in-depth reviews.

Overview of Our Partnership


Paid ad campaigns

Managed paid ad campaigns across channels to increase traffic


Optimised content

Optimized on-page elements for better SEO


Regular communication

Bi-weekly and monthly virtual meetings to ensure alignment


Website redesign

Redesigned and migrated their website for engagement


Content creation

Created content like blog posts to attract visitors

The results


increase in average time on page


increase in average pages per session


increase in organic website traffic

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