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Why Managing Social Media isn’t Working for Your Business

A guide to how we’re managing social media here at Gripped HQ, including the tips and tricks we use to save us time and make our posts work harder for us. Having a presence on all the major social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is a well-trodden path for driving traffic to your website….

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The Best B2B Lead Generation Strategies (Updated for 2020)

Cracking the B2B Lead Generation Conundrum B2B lead generation is becoming increasingly difficult; a common story I hear from B2B marketers is that it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to drive lead generation at the needed quality and scale to support their sales teams targets. The very fact that this is a consistent theme one would…

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Like Hamilton, you should write like you’re running out of time

Last night I was lucky enough to see Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Hamilton’ at the Victoria Palace Theatre. I was fortunate for many reasons. One, because my wife had heard the Broadway smash-hit, had made its way to London. Two, she managed to secure tickets (it’s crazily oversubscribed) and three, I loved every minute of it.

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7 B2B Marketing Trends Every B2B Marketer Should Know

Marketing trends move quickly, so it can be hard to create a marketing plan that has longevity and will give sustainable and consistent results. This article will outline 7 B2B Marketing trends that will drive results today, and in the future.

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Why GDPR Is An Opportunity for B2B Marketers

With the start of the new year rapidly approaching, the atmosphere is filled with optimism and new opportunities. However, while everyone else makes their lists of new year’s resolutions, many marketers are most likely contemplating the effects of the impending GDPR.

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