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How to Promote Your eBook on Social Media to Generate B2B Leads

An eBook can be a powerful asset when building an inbound marketing strategy. But, to turn that investment into a success, you need to get it in front of the right people. For marketers looking to grow their business, or writers simply looking to publicise their own work, social media is the key to eBook…

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How-To Use eBooks for Lead Generation

For B2B businesses, lead generation is the pathway to success. You need to be able to identify potential customers in order to get your story in front of the right people. eBooks are a great way to do both at the same time. In this article we’ll look to cover: Getting the right resource together…

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Top 10 Tips for Optimising Your Blog for SEO

This week we’ve tried to capture our best tips for making sure your blog articles are more effectively optimised for search engines. It’ll give you some simple and more complex tips that will help you write SEO friendly blog posts. It’ll help you understand the key elements that ensure you are both reader friendly and…

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Five Amazing Examples of B2B Inbound Marketing

If you are feeling the itch to refresh your inbound marketing campaigns, but unsure where to begin? Inbound is all about publishing helpful and interesting content your audience wants to consume, but with the infinite number of approaches and ever-increasing creative standards, the possibilities of how your campaigns might take shape can be overwhelming. To…

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Why Your Makreting Campaigns are Failing

Why Your Content Marketing Campaigns are Failing and What to Do About It.

Content marketing is an extremely valuable tool – when you use it correctly. It can build brand awareness and loyalty, increase traffic and conversions, and improve your brand’s reputation. High-quality content marketing can completely revolutionize your business. However, if you’re noticing that your B2B marketing campaigns are achieving none of these results, then you’re probably…

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