5 Ways Marketing Automation Can Help Your Business Boost Revenues and Grow

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    Marketers today face constant pressure to get more done. Whether your goal is to increase productivity or boost sales, it is crucial that you automate your marketing efforts. 

    Running a B2B tech and SaaS business is in itself a difficult task. However, to succeed, you need to automate more work to ensure efficiency. Since clients turn to you to optimise their sales strategy and marketing efforts, it’s important that you leverage the power of marketing automation. 

    With the right marketing tools, you get to achieve a lot more. Utilise the latest technology to boost leads, conversions, and revenue. The fact is that the most advanced marketing automation platforms offer support and change the role of marketers by eliminating tedious tasks.

    The most successful marketing strategies are ones that rely on automation. Statistics reveal that sales productivity can increase by up to 14.5% when you automate marketing. 

    If you want to learn more about how marketing automation can help your business boost revenues and grow, you need to read on.

    What Is Marketing Automation?

    In the simplest of words, marketing automation refers to the use of software to automate marketing tasks. Since there are plenty of repetitive tasks such as ad campaigns, social media posting, and email marketing, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the latest technology.

    Besides, marketing automation allows you to provide customers with a more personalised experience. From customer relationship management (CRM) to lead nurturing and digital marketing, the software manages just about everything. 

    When you rely on marketing automation, you become more responsive and provide customers with the best experience. 

    How can marketing automation help your business boost revenues and grow?

    1. Fully automated welcome programmes

    One of the ways through which marketing automation can help your business is by fully automating the welcome programmes. To keep the customers coming back, it is crucial for you to develop a lasting relationship with them. This is where a welcome programme can help.

    When a customer creates an account or subscribes to your email newsletter, you need to let that customer know what they should expect. Through the welcome programme, you get to share more information about your brand. 

    An initial email allows you to start out on the right foot. It provides you with the perfect tool to encourage new customers to start shopping. Besides, you can use welcome emails to gather more information about the newest customers.

    If customers request more information, the data generated will provide you with additional information about them. Then, customise the page to provide personalised incentives to them through automation.

    You can take the example of Dormify; each year, the company generates 22% of its email marketing revenue through its welcome email programmes.

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    2. Effective customer retention programmes

    Another way marketing automation helps businesses is by offering advanced lifecycle campaign automation. 

    Since abandoned and win-back cart campaigns have a massive impact on the bottom line, it is crucial to enforce effective customer retention programmes. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on sales.

    Regardless of how great your website, product, or brand might be, life can get in the way of customers making their final decision. The easiest way to raise profits is through customer retention. 

    According to the Harvard Business School, profits can be increased by up to 95% by increasing customer retention by 5%. By automating your retention programmes, abandoned carts and inactivity for a defined period are identified. Then, relevant messages will be sent to those customers to attract them.

    As the customers will be brought back, they will re-engage with the brand and will be more likely to make a purchase. Thus, lost revenue will be recouped with minimal effort.

    An abandoned cart email is one great strategy to retain existing customers. Simply email them to remind them that they forgot to check out. Make the email as persuasive as possible by including images, CTAs, and promotional offers.

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    3. Coordinated multi-channel campaign automation

    Marketers today have to ensure that their campaigns coordinate across multiple devices, channels, and platforms due to the fact that shoppers today jump from one platform to another. As customers are everywhere, brands need to follow suit.

    With marketing automation, it is possible to become omnipresent. It allows them to target customers with smart segmentation, conditional content, and hyper-relevant product recommendations using targeted ads, push notifications, text messages, social interactions, and the like.

    As all of the marketing tactics would work together through automation, it will be easier to provide customers with the best experience.

    4. Improved personalisation

    Everyone wants to feel special, especially by their favorite brand. 

    When you use marketing automation, you get to create strong, holistic customer profiles. Then, you can analyse these profiles to segment customers and target them accordingly. Thus, you get to ensure that each person receives the right message on the right channel at the right time. 

    The marketing automation software will automatically and continuously update the profiles to make sure that the information you use is up-to-date. This would help save valuable time as marketing teams would no longer need to sift through a huge amount of data.

    SaaS companies will do well to remember personalisation in their product, marketing, and their SaaS business model for higher conversions and customer loyalty. 

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    5. Helps businesses test and optimise

    Although the above ways help businesses run better, the main benefit of marketing automation is that it allows businesses to test and optimise. It helps businesses stay one step ahead of the competition, as they can experiment and see what works best.

    As marketing teams would know exactly which message resonates best with each audience, they would be able to test and optimise marketing efforts for optimal results. They get to continuously test and optimise different messages and create new campaigns.        

    The information offered by the software will enable them to test new ideas and make necessary changes to save time and money. 

    Is marketing automation a smart investment?

    Marketing automation is suitable for businesses of all sizes. When it is effectively executed, it allows the company to achieve its marketing goals and boost profitability. The following metrics help highlight its importance.

    • Marketing automation increases sales productivity by as much as 14.5%.
    • Around 80% of marketing professionals believe that implementing marketing automation helps them increase revenue.
    • Over 90% of the most successful marketers agree that it is very important for businesses to consider marketing automation.

    This demonstrates that marketing automation makes for a sound investment. Now, it’s about finding the right tools that fit your business and its needs. 

    Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions, Digital Marketing.