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"Their professionalism and quality of work have been extremely impressive. Working targets have always been achieved and exceeded in numerous instances - partly a byproduct of clear and concise communication, action plans and roadmaps."

KPro Person

Jessica Macdonald
Marketing Manager, KPro Software

Meet the Client: KPro's Challenge

KPro Software is owned by Keaze who’s aim is to make home hunting easier. With a wealth of experience in helping housing associations and affordable home ownership providers list properties on their site, they developed software to streamline the selling (and therefore buying) experience of affordable housing. KPro needed help taking the product to market to get more housing associations, private sellers, and local governments on the platform.

How Gripped supported KPro

With Keaze’s site primarily targeted at demand-side, Gripped first designed and built KPro a new website on a new domain. This decision was made to ensure that traffic can be focused on B2B and not confuse visitors, or search engines, over the site’s target audience and proposition.

Following this, a demand generation strategy was developed across channels like organic search, email, organic and paid social, and underpinned by content marketing. The content marketing efforts consisted of engaging articles, eBooks, newsletters, and social posts. The primary goal was to drive awareness in their target audience and start generating 15+ qualified leads monthly.

Communication consisted of regular weekly catch-ups to ensure the project remained on track. Rolling roadmaps were used to highlight priorities and track progress on deliverables, whilst always being on hand to assist with any queries from the KPro team.

Overview of Our Partnership

new_website (1)

Website refresh

Redesigned and built a new website optimised for SEO and conversions

content_marketing (1)

Content marketing

Created blogs, case studies, and service pages to attract organic visitors.

lead_nurturing_workflows (1)

Lead nurturing workflows

Set up always-on lead nurturing workflows in HubSpot

paid_ads (1)

Paid ads

Ran paid social campaigns to promote content and start generating leads

The results

0 to

qualified leads per month


on Google for category keyword 'crm for housing associations'


increase in domain authority over a 3 month period

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