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    The COVID-19 pandemic created a shift in the way events are held, but it certainly didn’t reduce the value these events have for networking. In the new normal, virtual events are the way to go. The shift in the way we work, from office-based to remote work, has forced networking to become remote too. This has forced the quick adjustment to webinars and online events for many SaaS B2B event organisers. These events bring together business leaders, industry experts, product leaders and revenue leaders under one roof to inspire a virtual networking bridge between organisations and professionals in a pandemic friendly way. 

    Here is a list of the best 13 events you can attend this year to receive insights, network with industry-leading experts and be inspired by movers in the world of B2B SaaS companies.

    1. Mind the Product Digital Americas 

    • Date: July 14-15
    • Category: Product development
    • Pricing: From $549
    • Venue: Virtual

    Product development is a key consideration to make before launching any SaaS business. The Mind the Product Digital Americas conference is set to equip founders and designers to build better products. You will have the opportunity to receive invaluable product insight from product development experts. What’s more, every single digital ticket comes with a year’s free Mind the Product membership worth $250, with this membership you can gain access to — 

    • An evolving library of self-paced online training modules to help you brush up on core product management skills.
    • Exclusive member events including live Q&As and panel discussions.
    • An engaged community of fellow product managers — including access to networking workshops and membership forums.
    • Premium members-only content with deep-dive videos, reports, guides, case studies, and more to challenge your perception of product-thinking. 
    • Access to their weekly Prioritised newsletter.

    2. Traffic & Conversion Summit 

    • Date: September 13-15
    • Category: Digital Marketing
    • Pricing: $195 Virtually and $695 in-person.
    • Venue: Available Virtually and Physically in San Diego, Ca.

    Referred to as the Premier Gathering of Digital Marketers on planet Earth, Traffic & Conversion Summit is 3 full days of actionable, proven and strategic content from experts. Receive proven tactics for increasing traffic, conversions and sales for digital marketers while also being inspired by keynote speakers that have already succeeded. There will be opportunities to network, have fun and meet people from all verticles and different parts of the globe. Traffic & Conversion Summit is like a 7 events-in-one conference with much in offer. Typically there will be valuable content for — 

    • Entrepreneurs: Discover the next big ideas in eCommerce.
    • Digital Retailers: Amazon sellers and eCommerce marketers.
    • Digital Advertisers: PPC managers, traffic managers, media buyers or a demand generation professionals.
    • Content Marketers: This event brings insights for digital publishers, content and search marketers, social/community managers and email marketers.
    • Conversional Marketers: Actionable tips about marketing through chat, bots, messengers and all forms of inbound marketing.
    • Growth Hackers: Perfect for analysis, optimizers and anyone on the lookout for the latest tips, tips, tricks and hacks.
    • Agencies only: Find tools and strategies to serve your clients better, grow their practice and the results they achieve online.

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     3. TechCrunch Disrupt 2021

    • Date: September 21-23
    • Category: Start-ups in Technology
    • Pricing: From $99
    • Venue: Virtual

    At TechCrunch Disrupt, you will get to hear hundreds of startup founders across a variety of categories tell their stories to 10,000+ influencers from around the globe. This conference is the ultimate Silicon Valley experience where startup founders meet and are inspired. At this event you can expect — 

    • Focused on founders: The likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Benioff, Elon Musk and many more have taken centre stage on the Disrupt stage, long before they were in the headlines.
    • Networking & Connections: Meet with driven and focused people from all across the tech ecosystem.
    • Trendsetters & Emerging tech: Hear from those that are setting the standard whilst also evolving and revolutionising the tech game.

    4. SubSummit

    • Date: September 21-23
    • Category: DTC Subscription 
    • Pricing: From $99
    • Venue: Dallas, TX + Virtual

    SubSubmit is a gathering of subscription brands that make the lead in this industry and other actors that support the growth of these companies. Attendees range from yet-to-launch subscription companies, to experts with more than 30 years experience in the industry. At SubSummit, you will get to absorb 3 days worth of actionable insights delivered by the subscription industry’s thought leaders and innovators. 

    Key offerings:

    1. Hosted Buyer Program: A networking opportunity that gives Merchants and suppliers direct 1-on-1 time to engage in meaningful conversations about your business.
    2. Pitch competition: Guests can showcase their subscription company at the annual SubSummit pitch competition — giving you the chance to win $20k in cash & prizes!

    5. Business of Software Fall 

    • Date: September 27-29
    • Category: Software
    • Pricing: From $895
    • Venue: Virtual

    Everything software is to be found at the Business of Software Fall Conference. You’ll be able to learn how software companies are run and you’ll receive insights from world experts in the software industry, about topics like Growth Strategy, Product Management, Company Culture and Leadership.

    Previous speakers include: April Dunford on Selling Your Point of View, Tiffany da Silva on Imposter System and Jason Fried on Creating New Breakout Products.

    6. SaaStr Annual 2021

    • Date: September 27-29
    • Category: Non-vendor SaaS
    • Pricing: From $1,599
    • Venue: SF Bay Area + Virtual

    The SaaStr Annual Conference brings together SaaS executives, founders and VCs and is delivered both physically and virtually so you can choose to go right to the source in the SF Bay Area, or attend in the comfort of your home. The SaaStr Annual conference is said to be the largest non-vendor SaaS event on the planet. You will get to experience 3 full days with 100+ sessions from top leaders on how to scale fast, network with 1000+ VCs and hear from 150 speakers from SaaS companies. There are opportunities to learn through 100’s of handcrafter workshops that are designed to help you scale and receive mentorship in any direction you would love though 1000+ mentorship sessions. 

    Speakers include: Rachel Wolan, GM @ Dropbox, Lakshmi Hanspal, Global Chief Security Officer @ Box, Ali Ghodsi, CEO @ Databricks and so many more! 

    7. Ascent Conference 

    • Date: October 6-8 
    • Category: Thought Leaders in SaaS
    • Pricing: Free
    • Venue: Virtual

    Ascent Conference presents virtual content and networking opportunities with top thought leaders in the SaaS space. At the Ascent Conference you will get to experience interactive round tables focusing on the skills you need to thrive, you can also network and make new connections through the conference’s AI networking app! At this event you will attend live virtual webinars with keynotes from some of SaaS’ biggest names. 

    Take note: This event is on our list for many reasons, but it is also have entry requirements — attendees are limited to Founders, C-Suite, VPs, and Directors (and up) at growth-stage companies doing $10mm+ ARR or have raised more than $5mm in capital.

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    8. SaaStock EMEA 2021

    • Date: October 12-14
    • Category: B2B SaaS Management
    • Pricing: Free
    • Venue: Virtual

    SaaStock EMEA is Europe’s actionable conference that brings together B2B SaaS founders, executives and investors. This three day conference will equip you with extensive knowledge about traction, growth and scaling of any SaaS enterprise, plus great opportunities to network. The SaaStock EMEA Experience includes — 

    • Virtual Exhibition Floor: Showcasing the latest and greatest, local and international SaaS products from our partners.
    • Networking and Engagement: Meet other SaaS founders, execs and investors – without leaving your home!
    • Actionable Keynotes and Panels: Sharing practical, actionable tips to help your SaaS company gain traction, grow, and scale.
    • Interactive workshops & Roundtables: That are providing practical spaces for you to gain invaluable insights and actionable tips to accelerate your SaaS business’ growth. 
    • Matchmaking sessions: For startups and investors, exclusive matchmaking sessions to connect with the right people.
    • Lead Generation Opportunities: Targeted workshops, virtual booths & email campaigns to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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    9. Recurring Revenue Conference

    • Date: Spring, 2022
    • Category: Recurring Revenue
    • Pricing: From $549
    • Venue: Marina del Rey Marriott, Southern California

    Voted among one of the top 10 SaaS Conferences, the Recurring Revenue Conference focuses exclusively on the subscription economy. If you are running a subscription based SaaS company, this is a must-attend for you. The big discussion at the conference will be how recurring revenue, a steady stream of income, can reshape the future of your business. 

    Key Offer: The Exhibitors Virtual Booths are probably the smartest offer of this conference, you will get the opportunity to exhibit your business product/idea digitally.

    10. Web Summit 

    • Date: November 1-4
    • Category: Technology as an Industry
    • Pricing: From $495
    • Venue: Altice Arena & Fil, Lisbon, Portugal

    Inc. has named Web Summit the world’s largest tech conference bringing together the action-takers and moers that have redefined the global technology industry. It gathers founders, CEOs of tech companies, policy makers and heads of state to give a general direction of our world in regard to the industry. 

    Past speakers: Serena Williams, Eric Yuan — Founder and CEO @Zoom, Kevin Hart, Mike Schroepfer — CTO @Facebook, Reid Hoffman — Co-founder @LinkedIn, Dan Schulman — CEO @PayPal, Prime Ministers of Portugal and Spain and the President of The European Union!

    11. Slush 

    • Date: December 1-2
    • Category: Start-ups
    • Pricing: Free
    • Venue: Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre.

    Slush conference focuses on start-ups and founders of leading startups get to share their startup models with potential investors. This is a great conference for anyone just starting out and is looking for insights to polish up on their start-up ideas. 

    Past speakers: John Collison — Cofounder and President @Stripe, Kevin Lin — Co-founder and CEO @Twitch, Alex Chung — Founder & CEO @Giphy, Cameron Adams — Co-founder and Chief Product Officer @Canva and David Simas — CEO @Obama Foundation.

    12. Product-Led Summit 

    • Date: November 25, 2021
    • Category: Product-Led Growth
    • Pricing: From $549
    • Venue: Virtual

    Product-Led Growth is the big discussion of the Product-Led Summit. Bringing together a plethora of product-led experts ready to share great insights about key topics like acquisition, action, retention and pricing strategies. Gain expert insights into — 

    • Rethinking Product Delivery in the age of Product-Led.
    • Why Feature Management is Critical to PLG.
    • How to Use Product Data as a Marketing Tool.
    • How Organizations are Using Experimentation Today.

    13. SaaS North Now 

    • Date: February 23-24, 2022
    • Category: SaaS as an Industry
    • Pricing: From $549
    • Venue: Shaw Centre, Ottawa, Canada.

    SaaS North Now brings together some of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Canada for learning, networking and growing purposes. Start-ups, global brands, investors and SaaS Service Providers are invited to attend making this conference a great opportunity to meet and interact with SaaS professionals from any vertical.

    Past Speakers: Jason Vandeboom — Founder & CEO @Active Campaign, Kirk Simpson — Co-founder @Wave, Louis Vacho — President @National Bank of Canada, Rand Fishkin —  Co-founder and CEO @SparkToro, and David Cancel — Co-founder and CEO @Drit.