How to Generate Traffic Through Blogging for Your Website

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    Generating traffic through blogging can be a key asset to your growth plans and  is a hugely important aspect of inbound marketing. However, the prime intention of inbound marketing is to attract visitors to your website, convert the visitors into leads and more readily close the leads into paying (or trial) customers.  Once customers are onboard the job doesn’t end there – it continues to engage them, so they become active advocates of your brand, position and product. But, inbound isn’t just about marketing, it looks to align and forge a powerful alliance between the marketing and sales process. You will need to attract real visitors to your website before you can generate leads. There are many ways to attract visitors to your site and keep them frequently coming to back your site.

    Generate Traffic Through Blogging: How to Attract Visitors to Your Website

    One easy and efficient method to drive traffic to your site is blogging. It involves creating interesting and valuable content on a blog for your audience. The following statistics demonstrate the power of blogging as companies that blog:

    • Generate an average of 434 percent more indexed pages
    • 55 percent more web visitors
    • 97 percent more inbound links
    • 57 percent of businesses have gotten a customer through a blog

    Independent research from software provider Hubspot demonstrated that Inbound marketing, including blogging, costs 62 percent less per lead than outbound marketing such as Pay per Click, Press Releases, Paid Search and so on.

    The statistics above show that blogging plays a critical role in a successful inbound marketing. One vital aspect of blogging also to consider when creating your web content is search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media.

    Search engines such as Google, Bing and the rest will display your website on their search result pages provided your content is unique, relevant and optimised for search terms or keywords that your ideal customers search which will generate traffic through blogging. Once created social media will allow you to amplify the reach by promoting your blog content. Sharing your blog content and link on Twitter is easy. Your Twitter followers can take up your tweets and re-tweet them to their followers; hence, increase your brand visibility and presence on Twitter. It’s recommended to add “follow” and “share” buttons on all pages and posts on your blog.

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