Inbound strategy delivered 300% increase in MQLs


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"The relationship has been exceptional; they're proactive and never rest on their laurels."

Chris Giddins

Chris Giddins
Co-Founder, Uniqodo

Meet the Client: Uniqodo's Challenge

Uniqodo is a SaaS platform that distributes and controls promo codes, and is underpinned by bespoke services that craft customer journeys between affiliate code publishers and eCommerce brands to increase sales. Uniqodo felt they were too reliant on Founder relationships to win customers, and needed to drive more inbound demand via their website which had limited traffic, however lacked an internal marketing team.

How Gripped supported Uniqodo

Uniqodo had a limited marketing budget which led to Gripped architecting an inbound marketing strategy that leveraged non-paid channels. Uniqodo bought into the long-term vision of providing quality content that answered their prospects' pain points and established trust.

The first priority was to develop personas for Uniqodo. From there, Gripped conducted keyword research that focused on the relevant categories that Uniqodo’s solution fell into. The keyword research enabled both high-intent keywords to be identified for those in their target market that were actively buying, as well as keywords around persona pain points for those that have identified they have a problem, but don’t know how to solve it.

Uniqodo had a wealth of experience with well-known brands, so Gripped capitalised on the abundance of case studies available, and fed snippets of these into the expert content that backed up the points being made. To capture leads for nurturing, Gripped crafted gated content like eBooks, online calculators and industry reports. The leads were then put through always-on, industry-specific email nurtures. A parallel initiative was to leverage the Founder’s networks, position them as thought leaders and build their presence on social media.

Gripped closely tracked goal progress throughout the engagement. They measured key leading and lagging indicators such as impressions, keyword positions, traffic, leads and their movement through the funnel and into sales cycles. Uniqodo and Gripped had regular bi-weekly calls to brainstorm and update on progress, monthly reporting to go through KPIs and quarterly strategy workshops.

Overview of Our Partnership


Keyword research

Conducted keyword research and created an extensive content plan


Buyer personas

Created buyer personas and crafted an inbound marketing strategy


Nurtured leads

Nurtured leads with always-on email marketing and increased awareness through organic social


Website optimisation

Optimised on-page website elements for increased organic traffic


Gated content

Created gated content such as eBooks and online calculators to boost lead generation

The results


increase in organic website traffic


increase in MQLs


on Google for category term 'promotion engine'

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