A Gripped Success Story

Nozzle AI delivers 477% growth in traffic and a 960% increase in lead flow.

SaaS Growth Case Study


Company: Nozzle.ai

Industry: B2B SaaS


The Problem: Nozzle is on a mission to simplify the selling experience on Amazon and help sellers identify wasted ad spend and missed revenue opportunities. Nozzle had built an impressive product, a great website and a compelling value proposition, but they struggled to find their audience and convert leads. With no in-house marketing resources and bootstrapped budget, Nozzle was looking to develop a systematic approach to engaging its target market and converting visitors into leads.  


Results: Nozzle has seen consistent positive monthly growth over the last 18 months. Web sessions increased by 477%, and lead flow increased by 960%. Armed with a go-to-market approach, Nozzle now has predictable lead sources and consistency in quality. Search engine visibility has increased from 30 to 8,217 daily searches from keyword terms ranking on the first page of Google and a number capturing the prized ‘featured snippet’.

Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 12.35.46

Nozzle’s Founder and CEO, Rael Cline, was referred to Gripped by an existing customer. “We needed to generate a consistent flow of leads that convert into sales,” said Cline. Nozzle has established product-market fit but was looking to develop a regular, predictable flow of high-quality leads. With the business at that critical growth stage, Rael needed to know that results could be delivered quickly and that they had a marketing partner who could change as their business grew.

“From a standing start in Nov 2019 we have since seen our monthly website traffic increase by 477% and lead flow by 960%. Through Gripped's demand and lead generation tactics, we now consistently receive quality leads each month. We have also seen the awareness of our brand continue to climb with a 646% increase in impressions between March 2020 and September 2020.”

Rael Cline

Rael Cline

CEO & Co-Founder, Nozzle

The numbers speak for themselves

Increase in leads


Keywords in search


Growth in website traffic


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