Build Your Growth Strategy

High growth businesses start with a solid strategic foundation

Building solid foundations for growth.

To activate healthy revenue growth, you need to start with a solid strategic foundation. You need to connect with your buyers, stand out from your competitors and understand how prospects move through your sales funnel. With this vital foundation, you secure a competitive advantage that empowers you to meet and exceed your revenue goals.

What's included with Gripped's Growth Strategy Services →

Buyer Persona Development

Know your customers and their favourite watering holes.

Persona development allows you to have an intimate understanding of what makes your customers tick. When you know your customers better than anyone, developing content to reach them and getting them to react become second nature. Without target personas, you'll fall into the trap of trying to be all things to all men. Your message will be generic. You'll dilute the value that you offer. In our experience, they are also one of the most effective tools to align your sales and marketing endeavours.

To get the most from your investment in inbound marketing persona development is the first critical step. With your personas in hand, you'll understand what content is likely to generate a response from your target customers. You'll know how they like to buy and what they expect from you as a seller of products and services. And crucially, you'll embed your customer's problems at the heart of your business.

Knowing Your Competitive Landscape

Let's not beat around the bush. We want to help you blow them out of the water.

We'll map out your key competitors focusing on proposition, go-to-market approach, content offers and digital experience. Based on those results we can understand your strengths, weaknesses and identify opportunities and threats lie outside of your direct control. We'll focus on where their weaknesses lie and how you take control of opportunities to beat them.

Customer-Centric Proposition Building

Articulate your story and value consistently across all sales and marketing channels.

86% of B2B customers can’t distinguish between SaaS provider marketing. We'll take you on a journey to create your perfect proposition that matches the requirements and addresses the pain points of your target personas.

We take insight from your customers and personas to understand what makes them sit up and pay attention. Competitive landscape insights give your points of differentiated value. And finally, we'll embed your proposition at the centre of your content strategy.

Dedicated Team of Growth Specialists

Working with you, bringing experience and expertise that delivers growth.

We recruit people without agency backgrounds. To be in the Gripped team you've had to experience what its like to be our customer shoes. We've got real-world experience based on collective decades of working in tech, SaaS and service businesses.

Your dedicated team of growth specialists will include; growth strategists, inbound marketers, digital experts, content gurus and an account lead to bring it all together.

Tools, Analytics and Hubspot

Optimise the tools and you need to deliver and track successful sales and marketing activity.

Data strategy, market sizing, Hubspot implementation, company and contact data acquisition and enrichment and analytics. Gripped ensure data is at the core of what we do to keep us informed and continually improving.

Auditing your existing data estate, analysing your funnel efficiency we'll ensure you are making informed decisions. If already you have or are planning to invest in Hubspot we can help. With Enterprise and SME deployment experience we can ensure you get the most out of your Hubspot investment.


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