Getting Digital Marketing Agency Jobs in 2023

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    Digital marketing agencies are recruiting now more than ever in 2022. This guide tells you everything you need to know about getting digital marketing agency jobs in 2022.

    Are you interested in working for a digital marketing agency? If you are, you need to know all about the current job market and all the information that you could ever want about the jobs themselves. Doing your research is the best way to ensure that you are prepared for whatever is thrown at you when you decide to work for a digital marketing agency. In this article, we’re going to be looking at everything to do with jobs in digital marketing agencies, so keep reading if you would like to find out more.

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    Digital Marketing Agency Jobs

    First, you need to know what a digital marketing agency job is. A digital marketing agency is responsible for employing a range of strategies to ensure that businesses are always visible to the digital customer. The more exposure a business gets, the more likely to see more conversions when someone clicks onto its website. It’s important to understand that digital marketing agencies use their tactics to generate higher quality leads for companies to lower their cost of acquisition, improve their profits, and see an overall upward trend in their business.  

    For this reason, you need to be knowledgeable in social media, at the very least, and other areas of online marketing. In fact, there are several categories when it comes to digital marketing, and these are:

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Pay Per Click (PPC)
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing

    These things combined are what a digital marketing agency will expect from someone applying to the position. It might not be the case that you have to know all of them at the start as you can learn on the job. But, you do at the very least need to know how to work with a few of these categories. For example, you may specialise in social media, which will put you in good stead with the agency job for which you are applying.

    Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Choice?

    There are several reasons that someone might want to get into digital marketing. The first is that right now, digital marketing is one of the most in-demand career choices. This means that if you can specialize in a certain area such as SEM or SEO, or if you have experience in digital marketing, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to land a higher paying job. So, if money motivates you to do something you’re good at, it could be a fantastic career choice.

    Another reason someone gets into digital marketing is that it’s something that they enjoy. Being creative, working out how to make things more visible online through creative methods and helping businesses thrive might be exactly what you want to do. It allows you to let out your creative side, knowing that it benefits someone else to do so. If these are two things that make you happy, a digital marketing career is a fantastic choice.

    Is Digital Marketing a Good Career Choice?

    Digital Marketing is a more affordable option for marketing than traditional methods, which is why it is so important. As well as this, more and more people are using the internet than ever before, meaning that this is where the bulk of marketing needs to occur. If a business doesn’t understand digital marketing, this could be detrimental to their company as a whole. However, hiring a digital marketing agency to take over this side of things could be the difference between staying competitive and sinking.

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    In-House vs Agency Marketing?


    In-house marketing refers to marketing that is completely handled by people who already work for your company. You hire people specifically to work in your marketing division, and they become acquainted with the ins and outs of the business. They are more likely to give their all to the business, ensuring that the customers are getting the level of attention they are demanding and generally doing their best. 

    It’s also true to say that in-house marketers will also be exposed to other parts of business life in this role. This will include managing budgets, coming up with fantastic strategies and making important decisions. 

    Agency Marketing

    In agency marketing, you are more likely to be working on a range of projects across many industries rather than one particular place. The good thing about agency marketing is that people new to the industry will be exposed to a whole range of marketing tactics and the different requirements of different businesses. This will help the new marketer to have a better understanding of what is required to work in marketing across different industries. 

    If you are thinking of taking this route, you need to think about what you want from your career. Another company will hire you to complete the work, meaning you have to do what they want. In the end, they have the final say over every piece of work that you produce, and you have to work to the deadlines that they have set for you. 

    The Main Differences

    The main difference between in-house and agency marketing is who is in control. With in-house marketing, the marketing team has the final approval over the campaigns they are creating after researching and collecting requirements. However, when you work with an agency, the company that has employed you will reject or accept any work you complete. If they don’t like it, despite what you think, it will be scrapped.

    However, the other main difference is that you are confined to one industry when you work in-house. You don’t get to experience working on a range of different projects for different companies in various industries simultaneously.

    What Qualifications Do I Need for Digital Marketing

    There are no set qualifications that you are going to need to get into digital marketing. While this is true, employers will still want to know that you have the necessary skills and know-how to put them into practice. It is also generally preferred that you have completed some industry digital marketing course. Still, if you haven’t and you manage to really impress at an interview, they might hire you and send you on one themselves. 

    It is recommended that you take one of these courses to learn all about the digital marketing industry and the fundamentals that make it up. You don’t want to apply for a job, only not understand what the interviewer is talking about when they ask you a question. These courses will give you the confidence to work in digital marketing and key information that you are going to find extremely helpful.

    It’s important to know that employers are far more interested in knowing what you can do rather than seeing a degree on a piece of paper. For this reason, if you have some experience completing work in the industry or even just shadowing someone high up when you were interning somewhere, this will go a long way. The other thing you can do to boost your chances of landing a job is to keep up to date with the latest industry changes. Ensure that you are reading trends and shifts in the industry to stay updated and relevant with your information.

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    How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

    If you want to get started with a career at a digital marketing agency, you need to work out what kind of company you want to work for. Many companies out there are specialist companies that cater to a specific niche, but if you don’t want to do this, you need to find a more general company to work for. Or, if you do want to work for a niche company, you ideally should look for one you believe in and are interested in.

    When looking for an agency to start your journey with, you need to look at employees that have been left by employees and clients alike. You need to understand what kind of business it is, how it operates, and how it is viewed on the market. Also, look at how their team works, if they regularly take on new clients and other information that will help you make your choice.

    As soon as you read these kinds of things, immediately your mind will tell you if it is something you are interested in or not. From this, you can work out the kind of things that you do and don’t want from a digital marketing agency, narrowing down the ones you should apply for.

    Once you know where you want to work, you need to make them want to hire you. This means building up your portfolio and your resume to be the best it can be. You want your resume to stand out without being over the top. Most of it should be in plain font and black and white. You do need to format it correctly, though, so that it is easy to read. Also, when it comes to your portfolio, you need to include all of your best work. If there was ever a time to toot your own horn, it’s times like this.

    Digital Marketing Career Salary

    On average, a digital marketing agency career will bring you in approximately £37,500 per year. This is just an average salary, and you shouldn’t take it as set in stone. For example, a company may offer you less money when you start with the opportunity for progression as you work with them over a period of time and develop your skills. 

    As you go up in the industry, work on more projects, and gain more experience, you make the higher amounts of money you are looking for. In the beginning, you’re likely not going to be making that much, so you have to be willing to stick it out and climb the ladder like everyone else. 

    What roles are there in digital marketing agencies?

    There are several roles that you can take on in a digital marketing agency. It depends on what kind of thing you want to do and which one you should think about heading into. The roles are as follows:

    • Business development
    • Creative
    • Accounting
    • Technology
    • Strategy
    • Media
    • Operations

    Each role has a different set of responsibilities, and you must understand exactly what they are before you apply for a position. For example, an account manager is often the client advocate of the business. They are the ones who work closely with the client to ensure that they get what they want and are the ones who fight for what the client wants despite what everyone else thinks.

    Or, if you are interested in the creative side of things, you need to be prepared to bring the projects to life. Starting with designing things such as user experience in the website, you can expect to do a lot in this role. It’s important that you are talented in artistry but also in communicating through your art. You need to be able to tell people things with what you are creating. 

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    The Digital Marketing Agency Career Path

    When you choose the digital agency career path, then you need to know what you should expect. Typically, if you are going to take this path, then your career path and progression is going to look something like this for someone who is not specializing:

    • Digital marketing intern
    • Digital account executive
    • Digital account manager
    • Digital director

    If you’re going to specialize in one particular area, your career path will be similar but with slightly different titles:

    • Digital marketing intern
    • Digital marketing specialist
    • Lead digital specialist
    • Digital director

    Of course, there will be differences between the two paths, even though they end in the same place. To get to the top, though, you will be looking at around 8-10 years from when you start as an intern. It’s a long process, but it’s going to be worth it when you have a plethora of knowledge that you have generated over the years that you can use in your new role. Take things one step at a time, though, and focus on the next place that you have got to get to. It’s always good to have an end goal in mind, but you don’t want to try and jump there, disheartening yourself when you fall instead of fly. 

    Think of this whole thing as a staircase. It would be best if you took the stairs one at a time to reach the top safely. It might take longer this way, but it is worth it when you get to the top without issues.

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    Where do I find digital marketing jobs?

    There are many different sites where you will find digital marketing jobs; you have to know where to look. It’s important to know where online you can find digital marketing jobs without searching for hours. A couple of sites that you can use are as follows: 

    • Gripped’s Careers Page
    • LinkedIn Jobs
    • Only Marketing Jobs
    • Marketing Week
    • Indeed
    • Digital Marketing
    • Simply Marketing Jobs

    There are other sites that you can check out, but these are some of the most common, and you will likely find the majority of jobs posted here. 

    There are other ways that you can find digital marketing jobs, though. For example, you can hear them via word of mouth, or you might see a job ad listed on social media at some point through an advert. You are not limited to job search websites to find a job at a digital marketing agency, so keep that in mind when you are searching.

    We hope you have found this article helpful and now have a better idea about all things to do with digital marketing agency jobs in 2022. If this is the industry you are interested in, you must have all the necessary information to get to where you want to be. We wish you the very best of luck and hope you will put the information we have provided to good use.