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What is the Difference Between 1st and 3rd Party Cookies? And, Why is it Important?

Far from gooey centres and chocolate chips, modern-day cookies form a not-so-soft centre for marketing drives around the world, providing information about everything from login details to shopping behaviours, and ultimately opening the door for key processes including behavioural profiling and retargeting. Despite this, cookies and the user data they provide have become a controversial…

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7 B2B Marketing Trends Every B2B Marketer Should Know

Marketing trends move quickly, so it can be hard to create a marketing plan that has longevity and will give sustainable and consistent results. This article will outline 7…

Why GDPR Is An Opportunity for B2B Marketers

With the start of the new year rapidly approaching, the atmosphere is filled with optimism and new opportunities. However, while everyone else makes their lists of new year’s resolutions,…

What is Inbound Marketing?

Maybe you’ve stumbled across this article because you’re thinking about implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy and want to learn more. Maybe you haven’t got a clue what an Inbound…

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3-3: Three Weeks of Business, Three Customers Won

As most people start ramping down for the festive period, things over at Gripped HQ seem to be trending in the other direction. Let’s start with Gripped HQ itself….

Week 2 Update: Learning, New Customers & Growth

Week two of Gripped arrived and went and with it came a new customer, eight additional new business sessions, a raft of leads and referrals from former colleagues and…

Why B2B Buyer Personas are Important to Your Business

Do you use B2B buyer personas in the marketing strategy for your B2B business? Why are buyer personas so important to B2B businesses? While many B2B companies do, there…

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