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B2B Digital Sales Strategy

How to Embrace a B2B Digital-First Sales Strategy in 6 Months

In recent years, digital sales have become an increasingly vital part of business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing strategies. Social distancing has put that shift on steroids. Investing in digital sales is an investment in the future, and it’s what will help your brand survive and thrive in this new normal. Of course, moving to a…

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Pirate metrics explained

AARRR vs RARRA: Pirate Metrics Explained

Pirates metrics have become a popular model for business growth — but what are they and do they actually lead you to that buried treasure? First presented by Dave McClure in his presentation “Startup Metrics for Pirates” in 2007, the AARRR method was originally meant for tracking product marketing and management and focused on acquisition. However, ten…

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7 Tips to Use Psychographics to Create Effective Content

Content marketing relies on the “who”, “what”, “when”, “how”, and “why” of consumer behaviour. While it’s easy enough to answer some of these questions, deciphering “why” customers buy from you is always a challenge.  So, ask yourself: beyond the features and quality of your product, why do customers choose your B2B brand? The answer to…

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how to build brand trust

How to Build Brand Trust in an Increasingly Digital World

It goes without saying that businesses must continue to adapt quickly to the digital world. The days when client business meetings always took place face to face are a thing of the past, with a huge new reliance on digital tools to help us connect. As a result, building B2B brand trust has become more…

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Ultimate paid media strategy guide

A Guide to SaaS Paid Media Strategy

Reaching customers online is undoubtedly competitive — at any one point, you’re competing with several other businesses for the same customer pool. What if there was a way to reach customers more effectively? Yes, there’s always a way, and paid media is an efficient technique for growing your brand and boosting your revenue quickly —…

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