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Week 2 Update: Learning, New Customers & Growth

Week two of Gripped arrived and went and with it came a new customer, eight additional new business sessions, a raft of leads and referrals from former colleagues and friends. It’s been an education. Firstly, I’m incredibly excited about the new customers who have chosen to partner with us. They all come with a different…

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Why B2B Buyer Personas are Important to Your Business

Do you use B2B buyer personas in the marketing strategy for your B2B business? Why are buyer personas so important to B2B businesses? While many B2B companies do, there are some that haven’t caught on yet. There can be a misconception that buyer personas are tools that work well in the marketing strategies of B2C…

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One Week In and This Is What I’ve Learned

Last Monday my Co-Founder and I started what already feels like is going to be a long (and exciting) journey. We launched Gripped, an inbound marketing agency for B2B SaaS businesses. We first talked about the idea itself about ten years ago and it’s been in the making ever since. Steve and I spent a…

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5 Tips on Spending Your Series-A

5 Tips on Spending Your Series-A Investment Wisely

What to do with your Series-A Investment You’ve gone through the hard yards of finalising your Series A funding. The pitch deck is in version fifty-two. The responses to questions like “what happens to your model when the moon shifts on its axis?” are in the past. The long wait for the transfer to appear…

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I’ve just taken the first step

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had a dream of founding my own business. I’ve talked endlessly to friends, family and colleagues for a decade about taking the first step. I’ve always found an excuse not to do it. Financial reasons, personal reasons, things that come up every day that mean the path of…

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