Michaela Kolarova

Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Business: Should You Be Using Twitter?

In its early days, social media was merely a way for old friends to keep in touch, but since then it has become a powerhouse in shaping trends and culture. Brands now realise that having a social media presence is a requirement for effective marketing. And in many ways, social media is for today what…

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Choosing the Right SaaS Pricing Model

The pricing model for your business is a large determiner in whether you succeed or fail, but with so many pricing models out there, it can be a difficult aspect of any SaaS business’ growth strategy to get right.

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B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies (Updated for 2020)

B2B sales cycles can be long. To make it worse, in more cases than not we see sales and marketing teams that aren’t fully aligned around their roles and responsibilities. The lack of alignment means that sales cycles only get longer and funnel starts to leak. While lead nurturing isn’t a universal panacea, it should…

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